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    Trying to find out how to change from a default portrait to a custom one?

    I made my first character well before I even learned about the custom portraits option, so I had to pick the closest one for her, which was the redhead vampire...thing? At any rate, once I learned about the custom option I found a very nice picture for her, but I can't find out anywhere how to swap out the default portrait I took for the custom I found without either editing much more stuff than is desired (Respec tool), or risking making my save unplayable. Anyone have any ideas?

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    You'll either need to restart or use the respec tool I believe, unfortunately.

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    Managed to find a way, I actually thought the save file edit thing was a lot more complex since I was seeing people talk about opening the actual files and changing lines in them. Fortunately the save editor on nexus just put up a version that lets you mod portraits.

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