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    Install Kickstarter Extras on Linux

    I have Kingmaker for Linux on GOG and the extras from my kickstarter appear there. However, they are all windows .exe files. I tried to run them with WINE, but they all default to looking for the Windows version of PFK.

    The game works fine, but how do I get these extras like Bloody Mess, Pre-Order Bonus, and Kickstarter extras into my Linux install?

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    I have the Steam version of Pathfinder and I also don't see my digital rewards under Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. My backer keys are all properly registered with Steam but the DLC doesn't show up as installed or available to be installed. They also don't appear in the chest in Oleg's tavern.

    On a different note, I also notice dual letter entry when creating a new character. For example, typing in a character name of 'Sam' comes out as 'sSaamm'.

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