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    Negative BP is counter-intuitive.

    There are places in the game where your dialog options cause BP loss. This can cause your kingdom to go negative BP, which in turn causes a cascading failure, affectionately known as "death spiral".

    Whenever a BP loss is going to happen, this should be somehow transparent to the user. Either in text of the dialog option or somewhere else on the UI it should mention whether you can "afford" it or not.

    Likewise, the random event that steals 550 BP from your treasury, whether you have it or not, makes no sense.

    How can a thief get away from a medieval vault carrying negative gold coins?

    Yeah, it's a game, and yeah, it's supposed to be difficult, and yeah magic is everywhere.

    And maybe, if the penalty for negative BP were not so harsh, I wouldn't care as much.

    But perhaps, to make it a little more palatable, the thieves shouldn't steal money you don't have. This is a medieval fantasy, there is no credit card fraud, yeah?

    Consider the UX here (the User Experience). Once the player figures out that negative BP is a big problem, how does that affect the gameplay? Well, it makes the user bank a safety margin (about 100 BP in the early game) to make sure it doesn't go negative. Then you throw them under the bus with 500 BP loss, and now the user must bank 500 BP more to avoid that catastrophe.

    The counterplay is to bank BP instead of spending it.

    Is it "fun" to sit on 500 BP and not be able to do anything with it? You might as well set that as your new "0 BP". I haven't beaten the game yet, but I don't know if there are any other events that could cause you a loss of 1000 BP or more. Maybe I should bank all my BP, and never spend it on anything. That just makes me not want to use the kingdom interface, yeah? Is that intended?

    Meanwhile, real world governments are negative ALL the time and don't seem to crumble nearly as often.

    The design decisions around the concept of negative BP are questionable, maybe something should be changed in terms of interface transparency at the very least.

    For example, when the treasury theft problem is occurring, it could say something like "Hey we're still counting the lost money, it could be somewhere between 200 and 500 BP, my lord, we'll know for sure when the problem is addressed or runs out of time". And that gives you a month to come up with that money in case treasurer fails the problem DC, instead of, "surprise, you're in the hole for 500 BP now, sucker."

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    BP isn't money, but a representation of many factors determining capital in manpower, resources and funds, etc,etc,etc, to build or improve the kingdom. Damaging infrastructure, or not being able to pay workers so they walk off the job and don't come back, would all be negative BP. Try not to just think of it as money, otherwise you'd just use cash the same the buying your equipment.
    All those things would bring down a real world government if it was newly established and struggling to establish too

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    Agreed that the OP blindly sticking to paradigm that game isn't following is not appropriate...
    Obviously, you can buy BP with gold, but viewing BP as something allowing debt, is reasonable in medieval context where lenders did facilitate state spending,
    and gold was not strictly sole currency of ruler-ship with feudal obligations often coming in form of man-hours, portions of agricultural harvest, etc.
    Or e.g. Ancient Egypt pyramids built with yearly obligated service labor, which was not trivially convertable to gold, the seasonal harvests were fixed factor.

    But I think some of his insight are valuable, including his approach re: gradual impact of -550 BP event,
    although really the BP AMOUNT doesn't matter so much, it is how many weeks/months until becoming non-negative.

    Really bigger problem is other factors how kingdom failures so easily snow-ball, which seems
    as much up due to arbitrary UI limits as intended or inherent course of those events themselves.
    E.g. rioting etc once in bad situation forces recurring event cards, and 2nd card of same event
    will pop-up AND expire while still actively working on the same card, so what the game is presenting
    as your option to deal with event ends up being incapable of dealing with it, even success will only
    post-facto negate another failure for non-completion that will unavoidably occur while working on card.

    Starting a event/project card should suspend appearance of new cards for that same event while working on it.
    Because otherwise as is currently the case, the game is really lying to player about what actual deadlines are.
    Even multiple cards accruing while not yet starting any seems dubious as general norm, if that would occur,
    why not just have new card REPLACE old one, even if success on new card only results in less penalties?
    At least that is more transparent and understandable than system which forces "gotchas" on player, obviosly
    requiring devs to overtly address situation where two card pile-up occured and ensure difficulty/effects is appropriate.

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    Currently sitting on 1500 BP like Scrooge McDuck, and not spending a penny. Those peasants can rot in hell for all I care.

    Is this working as intended?

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    No it's not. It is actually how almost every 1st world country on earth functions.

    And yes, national debt causes unrest, just like in the real world.

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    OFF-TOPIC: I have only posted here 4 times, but after 3rd post, I discovered I couldn't post or reply in General/Technical forums (haven't tested others besides those and here), which seems to be due to Permissions for those (displayed at bottom of page). When I actually try to reply there, it tells me I have been permanently banned, but I suspect that isn't the case, it is just permissions issue with "manual" user registration process that didn't approve me "across the board" for all sub-forums. I used "Contact Us" form twice to no effect, and attempts to PM Kotarsis the admin(?) who posted "Unable to post on forums?" sticky-thread failed to 100% full PM in-box on his end.

    How to resolve this?

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