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    Engraved silver pendent

    When you kill the mound at Old Sycamore, you find an emerald and a silver necklace with the name "Bertha" engraved in it. Next to the place you find a rotten corpse with a leather leash in its hand, presumably Bertha. Is there any way to revive her (the corpse is still clickable after looting and the necklace should have some purpose, that's why I'm asking)?

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    There is a book or a letter near this dead npc. I think Bertha is not the name of the corpse, but of the monster that is near it. Read the text, book, it will explain that the corpse deserve it's fate.

    I don't think there is more than this.

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    I believe this is just a "Big Bertha" Easter egg reference.

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    I thought Bertha was the name of a loved one the shambling mound had before it got transformed.

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