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    Suggestions for overland speed

    One aspect of the game that is especially annoying, and that I feel has large impact on the rest of the game and could help many other situations, is the overland movement.
    When the game starts, it's pretty much what it needs : it gives a feeling of exploring wilderness, take time, need to camp and yet quick enough to not be a real problem.
    But as the game advance, the map expand, the travel becomes longer and longer and yet at the same time the country management requires the character to keep trips short in order to be able to regularly visit the capital, do projects that requires their presence and check with other characters. The time lost to moving overland becomes more and more annoying, and compound with all the problems from the kingdom management itself (you can't leave for long before something happen, you need to spend an ungodly amount of time upgrading and so on).
    During the Varnhold and Amarg chapter, simply reaching the part where the quest happens can take up to five days or more. That's nearly two weeks just for the two legs of the trip without counting exploration. If you dare to actually goes on adventuring, you might end with a full month of absence, and realize all hell went loose when you're back home.

    So I think that there is room to improve massively the experience by adding ways to both make travel less painful, many kingdom aspects more relevant and the whole game more immersive, and here are my suggestions :

    - For the first part of the game (until you get the barony), nothing change. It's already in a good place as it is.

    Horse buff : we can imagine that low-level adventurers just walk, but as status increase they get access to increasingly better way of locomotion :
    - Once you get the barony, you can buy a "pack horse" bridle, which give you a buff increasing your overland movement by 20 % (not limited to the barony of course)..
    - Once you reach military 5 rank, you can buy "warhorse" bridle, replacing the "pack horse" one and giving you a 30 % speed buff instead.
    - Once you become a kingdom, you can buy a "nobe horse" bridle, with a 40 % bonus.
    - After reaching military, economy and community rank 8, you can buy "regal horse" bridle, with a 50 % bonus.

    Infrastructure : being a ruler means that you can order projects that would facilitate movement in your territory (which is pretty realistic).
    - Once you reach community 3, you get access to "build ferry/bridges" projects, which can add practical shortcut through rivers.
    - Once you get to economy and military rank 3, you get a costly "clear roads" project, increasing overland speed by 10 % and reducing the speed difference between flatland travel and rough land (like forests of mountains) travel by 25 % inside the barony.
    - Once you become a kingdom and get to economy, loyalty, community and military rank 7, you get a costly "maintain roads" project, which replace the "clear road" buff by increasing overland speed by 20 % and reducing the speed difference between flatland travel and rough land travel by 50 %, inside the territory.
    - Once you reach arcane rank 5, you get access to "teleporter" building, that allows you to reach any other teleporter instantly (maybe at the cost of a buyable reagent), so you can quickly reach your villages in which it's been built.

    I think these changes would help a lot with the frustration in the game, make the country management much more flexible, and also give some tangible rewards and feeling of accomplishment for increasing ranks (which feels a bit empty for now).
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