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    Randoms blabling

    I'm so burned on this game.

    I played bard, paladin and feyspeaker to death.
    I wish to move on.
    How does persuasion skills with party assist works? Could Linzi do all the talking if she is never going to left the party or other party member? Does she talks instead of me during that time?

    I'm goodie two shoes and I can't play anything but goodie two shoes.
    Wish to play with:
    Linzi, Tristian, Octavia... these characters are a must and I definitely plan to multi Tristian to sorcerer so he can be mystic theurge
    Romancing Tristian.

    When it comes to my class I have trouble not to restart the whole game every time I made a mistake. Even with multiple saves.

    What class could I try? I kind of wish to play bard, but I already played a bard multiple times and I need something to cure my restartitis.

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    Try monk and consider using some combat maneuvers and styles. This should be very different from what you have played before.

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    As long as you're not alone, the party member with the best score will do the persuasion skill check, as for any other skill.

    As for what class you should try... any one really :)

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    You use respec mod instead of restarting

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    I have a save game on one of my playthroughs inside the tavern at level 16, where I can jump in, and make any (merc) PC right away and see how it looks. Granted, not as easy to "test" that PC out in combat, but at least I can see what is possible as I level it up. This has been helpful in SPEC'ing out main characters and mercenaries I will have in other games.

    I'm getting ready to do a Chaotic Good kingdom run (too many Lawful Good's!) so I need to check out some of these other diety/cleric options.

    I've used Linzi for most of my persuasion, but my main PC now always has Skill Focus and a decent CHR. With 25 point buy on the MC, it's not too hard to have a 12 or 14 Charisma and access to that skill. I've done Cleric, Paladin, "swashbuckler" (fighter/rogue/duelist), and combinations there-of.

    One melee build was Paladin2/Alchemist(vivisector)14.
    Another was a Rogue3/Fighter5/Monk(Scale)1/Duelist7 with a 10 CHR (and Skill Focus Persuasion). That worked out decent.

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