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    Ring of Circumstances breaks after visiting capital.

    Its implementation is wonky.

    After getting it in Pitax and resting there, it appeared to work for a time, but then I went back to capital and spent several weeks upgrading things.

    Now getting rest on the world map, inside the capital, in a random encounter map or a regular map does not make it work at all, the 0's never become 1's.

    This is the most expensive piece of junk in the game :( Womp, womp.

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    Please fix this. It's still buggy (1.1.6d).

    This is extra irritating because you can't find out that it's buggy until you've cleared the whole area. You pay an extremely high amount of gold for it and after approximately an hour of gameplay you find out it's a waste of gold (and time).

    This is a real spirit breaker.

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