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    Is there a comprehensive OS specific bug thread?

    I've been seeing a lot of patches coming through that so far have failed to address some long standing issues on Linux.

    For the record, here's my personal list of the bugs that affect the basic functioning of the game:

    1) No sound and unable to get the game to start beyond the main menu on the first load of the game. Subsequent loads work fine.
    2) Double text entry when creating new characters. For example, naming a character 'Bob' results in 'bBoobb' in the name box. Creative letter deletion will correct the name but it can be a little tricky to pull off.
    3) No bonus items available on the Steam version.
    4) Game automatically adds a new portrait template folder rather than defaulting to any pre-existing folders and only adding a new folder when clicking on the 'plus' icon.

    It would be nice to get some kind of acknowledgement of these issues even if it's an official statement that a fix is in the works. The lack of any kind of statement regarding OS specific bugs doesn't foster any kind of trust that would lead me to support future projects.

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    Same issues with Ubuntu 18.04.

    The 2nd issue (double entry text) is Unity related and can be fixed by adding this as a launch option in Steam:
    XMODIFIERS='' %command%
    Thanks to this post

    Amazing game by the way !

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    Thanks Geo38. Going to load up today's patched version when I get done with work and if the double entry still persists I'll update my Steam launch option.

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    Looks like the double text entry still persists but the Launch option does indeed resolve it (I wonder if it's a Unity version thing since none of my other Unity based games have this issue...I'll have to read the referenced thread). All of the other issues I had are now resolved! I can finally get back to playing this game. :-)

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    Great news!

    The last patch seems to have fixed at least two other issues for me !
    - The game starts properly after first loading, without needing to reload.
    - The bonus items are now available in the stash of the capital.

    Thanks to the devs for their linux support !

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