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    Davor the Grey and Grey Rebellion

    My Kingdom was doing stellar, Stable on Desnus 4712, with some great scores in all the kingdom stats, and then wham, Desnus 30 comes and a -9 community hit, but worse, a double unrest for Davor the Grey! Pardon my French, but what the hell? Out of nowhere my kingdom goes from Stable to Troubled with absolutely no warning? What's going on? I had 300 build points in the bank, so that's not the issue. Is this avoidable? Valerie says it isn't. It's 1000 bps to fix it. 1000 to fix it. 1000 to fix it. That's 1000 build points!@#%^#%^ As if they aren't hard enough to come by as it is.

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    From Stable to Troubled is just two step downwards (I think I got it from Serene to Worried). So what is the problem? Solve the issue and you regain your original stability. Or seek other project that enhance your stability. To me it happened just before I went to the House on the Edge of the World, so I didn't care anymore.

    For me, it was a lot more annoying when my vault was robbed, I lost 500 BP out of 160, resulting in -340 BP. Stability went down and when I solved the problem, I only got 450 BP back.
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    I just had this problem, too. But not as bad as you guys.
    I went from stable to troubled, immediately assigned my regent (+ 19) and a couple of weeks later the it was successfully resolved and I went back to stable. One thing which could have gone wrong: other problems in between got more difficult, which could screwed me up, if my stability would have dropped even further.

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    My kingdom has no taxes, so we go +1 kingdom status every month. that might only be a Chaotic kingdom option... it was a Treasurer decision around Rank 4-5 (I always rank up the treasurer first)

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