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    Iím Confused About Several Things

    Almost certainly a new player, but Iím confused about several things.


    1. Is the Kickstarter actually over or not? I see several announcements about it being ended. But then I see another recent post where someone says he just contributed to the Kickstarter. If it isnít over, I will contribute. If it is over, Iím bummed I didnít hear about it in time.

    2. If I understand correctly, the game is in its second Beta round. Is this correct? How buggy is it? I want to give it a try, but I donít need another source of aggravation in my life, if it isnít really playable yet. If itís not playable I may wait until a few more fix releases occur.

    3. There are 3 purchase packages on Steam. Took a few menu flops to find out what the differences are Ö sorta.

    a. Sound track and artwork. MehÖ I know this is a thing for some people, but I really couldnít care less.

    b. Couple of portraits. Is this like a poster to hang on the wall or a custom in-game portrait for my character?

    c. Red Panda pet. Is this instead of or in addition to familiar, animal companion, henchman, pack animal?

    d. Board game module. Is this a PnP pathfinder module, a small in-game expansion, or some random board game made by the parent company?

    e. Season Pass. If I understand correctly, this is the first 3 expansions in one package. Is that correct? Are they actually available? Some posts say we wonít know what is in them for some time. Some posts are saying they are great with no specifics. Some posts say they canít yet be installed even though they are released and purchased. What is the actual status of the Season Pass?

    f. Finally, Iíve seen a couple of posts talking about the figurines they were supposed to get with the package. But I see nothing listing figurines as part of the package. Is this real?

    4. Is this downloaded and played on the PC? Seems like it should be since I donít think there is any multiplayer possibility. But someone said he thought his in game problems were due to his slow internet connection. My internet connection is sometimes spotty out in the country. Will this be an issue?

    5. How good a PC do you need to play this game? I found the system requirements and my current PC doesn't quite meet them. Will it just run a little slow or will it crash. Maybe I need to upgrade before buying the game?

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    1. The kickstarter is ended.
    2. The game is live, I've completed the game twice now. There are still some bugs, but nothing game breaking. Most of the remaining bugs are near the end of the game, but nothing game breaking in my two play throughs. The second major patch is due out soon.
    3b) In game portraits, but nothing special since you can add your own portraits.
    3c) Not 100% sure, I believe it is pet. Probably something like the faerie dragon pet I got from the kickstarter.
    3d) If I remember it is the Kingmaker adventure path for the PnP game.
    3e) The first Season Pass part of the Season pass was supposed to come out last Thursday, but they decided to delay it a week (likely released tomorrow) in order to make sure there were no bugs.

    You can read the post

    3f) This is a kickstarter only thing.
    4) It is downloaded and played on the PC. It is single player only. Internet has no effect on this except for the downloading of patches.
    5) Really depends on the specs you are missing as to whether it will be slow or crash. You may wish to upgrade because the loading screens will likely be long on a slow computer.

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    Can anyone confirm 3.d. for sure?
    If it really is the whole Kingmaker adventure path I will definitely get the expensive package. Otherwise I will probably get the cheap package and the Season Pass separately.

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    Re 3d - is a small adventure written by Chris Avverlone. It isn't the paizo adventure path.

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    3D is adventure for P&P Pathfinder. It is made by Chris Avellone. It is around 30 pages. He have made atleast 1 craft (and send it for Paizo to check out) and get was it 12 pages back with suggestions for fixes, changes, lore and so on. So it will be 100% true with the Pathfinder rules and Golarion (I strongly believe) as world/setting.

    I do not know if it will be sold later at Paizo online shop or so, time will tell.
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    Well I bought it at just the base Explorer package.
    Unfortunately, I didn't read the system requirements well enough.
    Don't have enough space on my hard drive for it.
    I will have to see if I can clear out that much space off or if I will have to wait until I get a better laptop.


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