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    Can't start new game

    Ever since the update I can't start new games. Unless the game now takes more than 10 minutes to load a new game (it used to take maybe half back then).
    At first I figured it might be the mods, but I deactivated all of them and the game just keeps loading.
    I have the gog version by the way.

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    After the latest patch I still can't start a new game. Am I really the only one that experiences that? Can't believe I spent 80 bucks on this and now I can't even play it.

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    Allso GoG versio. No problem. IF you had mods before just deactivating them might not be enough. Try a simple test. Uninstall your game. Clean your register (Ccleaner or so), restart your OS (windows most likely). Install game again. Do NOT install any mods. Try to start a game, do NOT change ANY settings just try to start a new game.

    If it work it was because of mods corrupted something in your previous install.
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