So, with the drop of the wildcards dlc I finally picked up the game for another run. Looking over the Kineticist class a particular class & feat combo caught my eye.

This combo functionally negates AC.

Blue Flame Kinetic Blade, Power Attack, Cornugon Smash, Dazzling Display, Shatter Defenses, Intimidating Prowess
Active Modals: Power Attack, Gather Power - Low

Blue Flame Kinetic Blade with the Gather Power modal active costs no burn, so infinite upkeep.
Gather Power - Low modal is a move action allowing you to attack once per round, no iterative attacks.

Defensive wise, Shroud is nice, maybe adding in some Monk/Duelist/Viv dips for increased AC. The key thing to note here though is that after a certain point you CANNOT miss except on at natural 1.

The blasts roll on 1d6 per 2 levels, but the composites are rolling in at 1d6 per level. To pick up the highlights you'd want to push kineticist to 7 minimum, 16 ideally (composite cost reduction & shroud).

So thats a 16d6+STR/DEX bonus & modals once a round that basically cannot miss. And if you want you can dip Scaled Fist and pump CHA for the Cornugon Smash demoralize effect and AC Bonus. Its a real shame they didn't implement Kinetic Whip, reach with this would be... stupid good.

You can also run Shatter with Blue Flame as a ranged spamming build without the AC requirements. Still amazing but you'd have to have a dedicated Dazzling Display spammer then.