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    Few questions about current state of the game

    Hello. I intend to buy Kingmaker, however I wanted to ask few questions first. I've read that there were a lot of bugs and glitches at the launch of the game. How is the situation right now after patches? If there are still some bugs should I wait until it will be fixed or is it playable enough? Also there were many voices that for e.g most if not all descriptions of classes, skills, races and talents are missing male pronounce or even in game itself NPC's will speak to male character as if he was female. Is that true?
    I've also read that your companions whole stories can be revelaed immediately after the companion joins to your party. Is it still the case? Are there at least some mods which will make it more Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights like?

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    A few answers :

    - There are still bugs, but the game is definitely playable in this state. I think there are no more completely game-breaking ones, but random crashes or bugs can happen. Many of them are non issues (for example, I have projects to improve already dead advisors... I just ignore it, doesn't effect my playtrough)

    - Class and ability descriptions seems to be female by default in the tabletop too, so the same was implemented here. I don't recall any NPC to talk to my male main in my 200+ hours of play as he was a female. (except maybe for some male-male romance options ?)

    - Companion stories have different pacing, and it seems that many of them are not completely fixed that when will happen, while others are. For example, in my current playtrough I'm in the middle of chapter 5, and there are still companions with unfinished storylines, so definitely no insta-reveal.

    Most companion has about 3 parts to their story, and I think none of them can be finished form start to finish in one go. Most times there is a new information or event which enables the next step.

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    Iīm also in the middle of chapter 5, and had to stop playing due to a bug. Waiting for the next patch/hot-fix to see if i can play again.
    However others already finished it (seems i had bad luck), and the game have now not only less bugs, but also graphic and QoL improvements over release date.
    So, while this is a great game and surely worth the price, if you canīt stand the chance of being hit by a random game crashing bug, you should wait a little more.

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