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    wizard scrolls

    A small request: please add more wizard spell scrolls to the vendors in the game. The whole fun in playing a wizard, and also one of their defining features, is having a big spellbook full of spells for every occassion. Unfortunately, this is not possible in Kingmaker, because many spells are simply not available as scrolls to learn from, so the poor wizard ends up as an amateur sorcerer with a limited spellbook.

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    Yes! It is super hard to play more than one wizard atm. Some of the scrolls are super rare while some like Haste show up all the time.
    Or implement ability for wizard to scribe scrolls so they can share their spells with other characters (or make copies for use when they need them).

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    I agree with others that there isn't enough way to get new spells for wizards - could be more scrolls, could be some spellbooks found as loot.

    As a mitigation, the Crafting mods implement Scribe Scroll well enough - though beware (or enjoy!) you can have a Cleric scribe a scroll and a Wizard learn from said scroll (if the spell is available both as DIvine and Arcane).

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    I recently finished the game and just before the end I was preparing spells with Octavia and noticed she has many spells missing from her spellbook. Those are spells that I never found scrolls for. Almost basic spells like Mirror Image I never found a scroll for. Her lvl 5 spells choice was like 6 spells (4 of those were from two level ups). Also I noticed that later areas of the game still keep dropping same low level scrolls. I think level of spells on scrolls should go up as you tackle tougher areas and enemies.

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    I second this

    moar scrolls, not only wizards use those. I level up use magic device a lot on my characters, so a fighter could hasten himself or be able to cast cure. All the scrolls I find I don't want to use because they are too low in quantity (I tend to use spells when I have at least 10 copies of it, or for a one time strategy against a specific tough encounter).

    More diverse wand could be nice also. a mirror image wand could be terrific on Valerie or any non caster tank (with empower metamagic rod of course)

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