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    On the matter of natural weapons and body changes [A plea to the developers]

    Let me start by saying I love the adaptations from P&P to PC, even some of the rules liberies.
    I was bummed by the lack of claws power for the pit born tiefling in the new DLC, but no matter.

    The reason for this post is that I love making natural weapons characters.
    Bloodrager/Dragon disciple that uses claws and bites in P&P will be my favorite build in pathfinder forever.
    I tried to adapt it with the eldrich scion in Kingmaker but a couple of things are making it... Not so fun for me:
    There are too "few" options to get claws in the game:
    - No Feral Mutagen for the alchemist.
    - No Aspect of the Beast for the ranger.
    - No Beast Totem with claws for the barbarian (suboptimal since it's a barbarian and no bloodrager but still)
    - No Dragon Shaman for the druid.
    - No Troglodyte form in alter self.

    And the claws that ARE in the game... Are invisible. OF COURSE I'm not asking for different claws for all the other powers that give claws in the game. Making unique claws for only the ones you get from the draconinc bloodline would be ridiculous... But could we get some kind of generic claws in the models when the powers are used please?

    That leads me to the wings... Why don't they show up? They are permanent, huge and cool. Why can't they be added? Please add wings as a visual!!

    Hope you all are having a great day! :3

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    Hey there, Stoltverd!
    Thank you very much for your advice - we've included it into the freshest input batch that gets sent out to the devs.

    I have to agree that adding more natural weapons options would be neat, and I'd absolutely love to be able to see the claws your character grows\has. I like that you can actually see the ahimation for the Barbarian's bite attack, for example. I play as a Wildshape Druid in my main playthrough, so I totally get your love for natural weapons.
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    Oh, yes, and wings for aasimar and the like are in the game actually, and you can see them. If you can't see them, try updating to the latest patch.

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