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    Missing Textures Glitch

    My Computer is running Windows 10 with a Radeon RX 480 Graphics card. I only installed the game two days ago, so it's up to the most recent patch. The game is also running on the default graphical settings. When I am dropped into the actual game world, a good deal of the in game textures are replaced with blank white, which is also blinding because of the amount of bloom.

    As you can see, things like the rug, windows, and heraldry are simply white.
    Any recommendations?
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    The most recent patch was today, but I don't think it will change anything.
    Have you updated your video drivers ? First thing to do.
    I have experienced some graphical glitches after the big 1.1 patch, but changing the game resolution once and back resolved it for me, you could try modifying a few graphics settings (resolution, textures, character textures, lighting, even shadow and antialiasing), to see if it does not resolve your problem.
    You also may want to repair your game (I think both Steam and Gog allow this feature).
    Otherwise, hitting the F11 button will open the bug report menu.

    Hope that helps.

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