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Thread: Possible bugs

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    Possible bugs

    Hi everyone
    i will now report what i think are bugs:
    1) In Vordakai Tomb i got 2 Fallen Warrior Flasks instead of 2 different items. I know you have now repaired the bug, but i still have 2 Fallen Warrior's Flask and can't get in Vordakai Tomb to get the other item (Tomb is closed). Can one of the Flask be replaced by the correct item?
    2) In my Throne Room Irlene wants to talk to me to start a quest ( A Simple Favor), but she is nowhere to be found. She has a shop (Irlene's Magical Rarities Shop) in my capital
    3) In Armag Tomb 1st level there are 2 doors that I cannot open: every character that tries to open them says "Locked" without even attempting a trickery test, but i found no keys to open them

    The following issues may well be my fault but still i'm breaking my head to no avail:
    1) Quest "Three Wishes": Mim ask me to find rare elven beverages. I can't find them anywhere
    2) Quest " A flower in the swamp" visited all Narlmarches locations but no flower

    Thank you for any help you can give me

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    Doors in Armag's Tomb:

    They only open if the FIRST option you choose to get past the ice walls in the book part of the tomb was the DC 35 Athletics challenge. Not sure if it is a bug or by design. There is some XP to be had from a mean monster and some nice items, but nothing essential inside.

    However. . .

    There is a way to get past them (and all other doors in the game that won't open due to bugs/bad design):

    1. You must have a character that can cast Dimension Door. Preferably cast it more than once.
    2. Cast Light on that character.
    3. Move the whole party to the door but march just that one character with Light back and forth across the length, getting as close to the door as you possibly can.
    4. Observe that there are times when the light "leaks" into the next room through "cracks" (again I am not sure if this is a bug or by design, but it seems to happen on all doors in the game). The leaking will happen most often at the corners but occasionally under the middle of the door as well.
    5. Be ready to hit the space bar to pause.
    6. At the split second that you start to see the light leak into the closed room, hit pause.
    7. Have that character cast Dimension Door with take allies within 10 feet option.
    8. Target the other side of the door where the light is leaking.
    9. If the character starts running around crazily or turning in circles, it did not work. Go back to step 3. You may have to repeat several times.
    10. If successful, that character casts Dimension Door and pops into the closed room, hopefully taking the party too.
    11. If you did not get the whole party, have the party members on the wrong side bunch together as close to the door as possible and have your DD caster cast it again to move further into the room.
    12. Be aware you may have to get back OUT the same way.
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    For the Flower, go to the Swamp Witch's Hut location. Search the northeast corner of the map and enter a grove with very tough owlbears. You will find it there.
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    Irelene is in the North West corner of the capital, near the stables and near a guard.
    After you have improved the barony to a kingdom she is on top of a barrel.
    Until you have found her the first time it is hard to spot her. Damned halflings and their size stealth bonus. ;-)

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    Thank you very much for your help

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