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    Adopted Kingmaker's house rules into Pen & Paper Pathfinder

    While there are some rule changes I dislike, I do enjoy some of the "house rules" implemented. For example, I think I may start using "flanking = more than character attacking the same creature" rule.

    Anybody else incorporating some of the PF:KM rules at your table? How did work out.

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    I dono, flanking is FAR easier in tabletop than the computer, plus there are several features that let you do that, and this would make it completely redundant. I do however like the "If your companions flank him, he is flanked to you too" part with ranged combat. Makes ranged sneak attack doable without invisibility. Two buddies flank the bad guy, then the rogue two-weapon throws daggers at him! Take all the sneak attack!!

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