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    Last azlanti mode: 2 changes that would make sense

    First change:

    Right now, when playing a LA game, you don't have the option to save your game (it is autosaved on exit) but you do get the option to load a game. In my opinion, that option should be removed since it provides a way to savescum (1st use: exit game, load game, pass skill check DC, reload game if failure. 2nd use: combat isn't going very well ? No worry, just reload). One may object that sometimes savescumming is "legit" (in particular, when leveling up a char: it's quite convenient to be allowed several retries when pumping several levels at once into a char) but that issue could be resolved by applying the 2nd change.

    Second change (this one may be more controversial, but I do think it would be a great change, especially considering P:K overall difficulty)

    When playing LA, we should be given the possibility to turn LA OFF (when out of combat). Obviously, turning LA back ON would be prohibited. The LA save wouldn't be deleted (edit: in fact, the LA save should be overwritten - with LA still ON - at the exact moment you turn LA OFF), but any further progress with the game would count as a regular game. This would allow some minor savescumming (basically allowing for retries at level up, or to gain some knowledge in advance about a skill check DC or about a fight) but it would not allow what I'd call "real" savescumming: If you'd like to pass a tough fight or a skill check while playing LA, you would still need to pass it on first try.

    I hope I made myself clear. I personnaly would really like those changes to be implemented. They would make the game more challenging (since savescumming your way out of trouble wouldn't be possible anymore) and at the same time a bit more interesting (for instance, allowing to try several dialogue options before having to decide what you really want to pick in your LA game).

    Any thoughts ?


    Basically, my suggestions would:

    - remove the most obvious way to savescum a LA game,
    - allow at any moment (out of combat) the creation of a non-LA game that would be the exact copy of the LA game, for testing purposes. In my opinion, this is a much needed feature, considering the lack of detailed walkthrough available. Playing ironman is a thing, playing blind ironman is something completely different.
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