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    A button to go to the overland map crack the game because there are some "event" that occur when you travel to the exit of the capital.

    I love the Kingdom managment interface like is it, i would like to see only one thing a bar for the stability :D

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    Kingdom Management needs multiple improvements if it is not possible to speed up loading screens by a LOT:
    1. Ability to buy BP directly from the kingdom management screen and from specific village building screens (which alone will reduce amount of loading screens by 4 or 6 every time we want to buy more BP).

    2. Ability to see total kingdom stats from village building screens (reduces loading screens by 2 when wanting to make sure buildings you are placing will give stats that will be useful now as they will contribute to being able rank up advisor station for that stat)

    3. Making decisions presented by your advisors need to have kingdom stat changes and projects as part of the dialogue if those stat changes and new projects happen right away after you make a choice. Hide results of choices only for those that happen some time later. (this saves needing to save a game before every talk with advisors and loading if the choice gives terrible or nonsensical results).
    As an example one of the advisors asks you to choose if you want to make a trade deal with some country. If you say yes you lose some useful stats and get a project that works only if you got unrest in your country. Both effects happen immediately after you make a choice. If you reject them you get some other stats and a more useful project for your country. I had to load an earlier save because of this that cost me more loading screens (as it was outside the throne room) and after that I started to save a game every time an advisor wants to talk to me.

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    Go to nexus mods and use the mods that are there

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    Hmm I'm happy with the game speed as it is. I can sympathise with those with loading screen time issue more even though I'm not unhappy with it.

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    Ok I got more suggestions on how to speed up Kingdom Management.
    4. Let us see outside of overland map and kingdom management if we got new events to deal with in kingdom management. When you rest in your capital, 8 hours has passed and there might be new events to deal with or their might not be. You need to get through a loading screen and back to find out. And since some things can only be handled from Throne room (like your advisor you need to rank up now being free) we kind of need to always check this just to make sure.
    5. Let us see outside of Kingdom management screen a list of 5 projects that are first to be finished. When we are leaving our lands into areas where we no longer get the Kingdom Management icon on overland map we need to know how long until events finish so we can plan our return. Atm we need to suffer 2 loading screens and write all this down on a piece of paper and then track it all down manually.
    Also it would be useful to have this list in Kingdom Management as well without a need to click through every ongoing project.

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    6. It would also be useful to be able to switch villages directly from village building screen. Currently you need to exit to map and then enter next village. That is 2 loading screens. If we could switch directly that would be 1 loading screen.

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