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    P:K mini-review

    I'd like to say a few words mainly about some aspects of this game, coming from someone who fanatically plays every crpg available, is a DnD geek, an obnoxious critic and an armchair game developer.


    -The writing is stellar and the story was interesting. This is also a matter of taste, but some crpgs go out of their way to create fancy sentences when describing a situation, use too many adjectives and end up being more "cringe-y" than atmospheric. P:K nailed the perfect analogy, in my opinion.

    -Choices are plentiful and have an actual impact. There were barely any interactions where I felt that options were lacking. I can't remember the last time I played a game in which I was so worried about consequences - I absolutely love it. The attention to detail is amazing e.g. I never expected that your alignment could affect your town or everything to be covered in snow during some months of the year.


    -Story/time pacing. To be honest, at first, I didn't like the concept of timed quests/events. Yet, when I understood how timed events were working, they turned out to be unexpectedly entertaining! The game manages to create a sense of urgency, while giving you enough time to fully exploit the kingdom system and explore the world map. I am not sure if someone can appreciate enough this thin line the game treads on. Due to this, kingdom choices also become more meaningful. Finally, the general sense of time is immensely helpful to RP!

    -Played both in a party and solo (had to reduce experience gain a little on solo). Level pacing is quite to my liking. Some games adhere to the philosophy of trying to please every kind of "playstyle", like rushing through the main story and end up treating character progression as a second-rate system with over-the-top pacing.


    -The game is not afraid of letting you fail. I can't stress enough how refreshingly enjoyable this is, how much it helps with replayability, RP, value of your choices and impact when you succeed. Don't let anyone ever convince you otherwise dear Owlcat team!

    -Nothing needs to be said about the Pathfinder system (mechanics, classes etc) - it is what it is (and personally, I am a fan). I am tempted to compare it with Sawyer's system but will resist the temptation at this time.

    -The kingdom system. Again at first, I thought that it was mostly superficial. But it has a good amount of depth, kingdom choices do matter and it offers a change of pace in gameplay, creating a fine balance of adventuring and kingdom management.

    Other areas the game excels at:
    -Voice acting.
    -3D models.
    -World building (even though level design does leave something to be desired).

    Small wishlist:
    -An exp sink (that will complement the random dungeon), or possibility for mythic feats/artifacts (lichhood etc).
    -Some extremely hard challenges (bosses) that will have an impact on the story and be created for characters that get the above.
    -Some slight randomization of events/time, being able to affect time limits by choices/challenges. Who said a crpg, can't also be a rogue-like?
    -Ironing out some classes and adding more late level passives/abilities for greater diversification in gameplay (e.g. scaling/forms of wild shape).
    -More model variations between primal/great/ferocious creature varieties - even slight ones or small color/size differences would do.
    -Nerf Owlbears!

    I hope you sell the hell out of this game! Cheers and thank you!
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