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    When to annex third region?

    Just finished season of the bloom, should I speed up kingdom management by now or should I continue to level up my advisors?
    I have Valerie, Harrim & Jubilost all second level, while Linzi the curator is first level, the rest are third level, unless I mixed things up.

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    Let's say you can annex several regions and level up several advisors.

    The total time it will take to do this doesn't depend on the order you chose to do things.
    However, you'll get overall higher kingdom stats if you annex the regions earlier (provided you can develop a village there).

    Hence, you should start by annexing the regions.
    This will help ensuring there is no downtime when you would have nothing to annex and no advisor to level.

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    I feel like you are significantly behind.
    You only have 2 regions and are done with Chapter 2?
    I think I had 4-5 regions by that point.

    Annex ASAP.

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