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    Yeah Amiri or Harrim would work better as Wardens as they are already const based. I would also have loved having Linzi as option for regent before you can put her to use as diplomat

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    I think we as baron or baroness we should be able to appoint who we need as advisor, I would like to play with custom advisors, i don't want to misbalance the game, i want to have my 5 custom characters as advisors + 4 of the npc advisors, i want to choose with deity my barony has temples(Desna is one i'd like my city to follow

    As the current advisors based on my alignments (i.e. 2 Chaotic Good(my Cleric(High Priest) and my Sorceress(Regent),

    2 Neutral Good (Ranger as Warden, Barbarian as Food Hunting & Gathering

    and 1 Chaotic Neutral Rogue(as Treasurer)

    (this is an example of what i'd like to see improve)

    maybe listing the stats and skills needed for those roles
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