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    Is there any way to slow down all these events?

    Not just the rate at which these events occur but the deadlines too... I often find there are problems I can't address because my advisors are off on other missions which take forever.

    Quests expire because I simply don't have the time, and sometimes randomly the kingdom manager will just skip several days ahead without warning because I started a certain event.

    I missed Shelyn's Chosen because I wanted Valerie to be strong enough to win the fight. I didn't want Valerie to lose... Because if the outcome of that fight was predetermined anyway, why couldn't it just be a cutscene? Why make me play a fight that I simply can't win?
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    Any event that requires you (the main PC) - which is Region Claiming, Region Upgrading, and Support the " " Events, will lock you and that person and fast-forward the clock the listed time (typically 14 days, though there are projects later in the game to reduce that to 7-days).

    The current version of the game allows you to cancel projects and events so those advisors can do something else (I normally don't recommend this).

    You can also access the kingdom while out adventuring from the main map, so you can re-assigne advisors to new tasks while out and about. Having an Aviary in your Towns lets you manage your kingdom from adjacent unclaimed areas too.

    Some Tips:
    1. It's OK to ignore "opportunities" (there is no downside for it)
    2. Prioritize short-duration problems/projects over long ones to maximize what you can do before they expire.
    3. Get your High Priest to Level 3 quickly, then they can focus on curses (only the Priest and Magister can research curses, and you need the Priest to be at least Level 3 to open up the Magister position)
    4. Get the Regent, Councilor, and General to Level 3 ASAP (and get their kingdom stats to >60) so you can open up the secondary Advisor roles.
    5. The Secondary Role Diplomat opens up the one Tertiary role Minister (the 10th advisor)
    6. Nearly all the Trade agreements are not worth it, so don't waste your treasurers time on them

    The key is to get all the advisors out. The biggest challenge is when you're working on curses, the Priest and/or Magister can be locked up for months (these projects take 20-120 days). DOn't bother with projects that don't help you (reducing costs of buildings you can't make yet, or training up advisors you dont' use).

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    There's a kingdom resolution mod on nexus that can adjust the difficulty and length of time of them if you need it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Littlebob86 View Post
    There's a kingdom resolution mod on nexus that can adjust the difficulty and length of time of them if you need it
    Yes, a great mod. I've been using it for a while now.

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