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    Thundercaller stats&skill spread

    I decided to roll a bard again. Thundercaller again, too

    My stats spread would be

    str10, dex14, con14, int14, wis12, cha18 - basic aasimar stats included (wis&cha+2) I personally hate odd stats (e.g. it will bug be till no end if I have 13 str), but then I hate missing perception & diplomacy boost basic aasimar comes with.

    What do you think?

    for skills
    I was thinking:
    UMD, perception&persuasion, trickery & maybe mobility if I have enough points with int14

    My build was more shooting oriented, but I was never an archer player, so maybe I should put str14, dex10? Keep in mind I have access to explorer belt so +2 to con is easy to achieve.

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    Why 14 INT ? I never played a Thundercaller, but from what I understand you don't really need INT. Why not 16 DEX, 10 INT instead ?

    Also, there are Aasimar with +DEX/CHA iirc. Why not go for that if you want to be shooting oriented ?
    (going DEX/CHA and having the exact same stats would give you one more point to spend, for what it's worth, btw)

    As for the skills, bards get a huge bonus to Knowledge and Lore skills. Seems a bit like a waste to completely skip those.

    If you go for a ranged char, 14 CON is already a bit too much imo.

    As for STR, you'll only need it if you go for composite bows.

    And anyway, a ranged Bard will be a mediocre dps, no matter how you level it.

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