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    Maddening impotence against Linxia the Hellknight

    I have dialogue options to say "Get out of my kingdom."

    I have dialogue options to say, "Guards! Seize her!"

    Why do they have no more effect than if I was choosing dialogue options that went, "I mildly disapprove of your Order, if I can say so without giving offense"?

    I was prepared for the second one to start an immediate fight; I wasn't prepared for her to simply be able to no-sell me, and it has no in-character explanation I can see.

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    Never fear, you'll eventually get to fight her!

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    I expected that, and that's not the point.

    I get that they wanted their mini-boss to show up to fight when they want her fought and not before, but they should have given her some kind of magical escape method then. Replace her glaring and strolling away with "as your guards close in on her, she drinks a potion and vanishes." Or, if they absolutely had to do "she walks in and out of your capital freely and there's no in-character reason you don't impede her but you don't," not put in the dialogue options that logically lead to something a lot more immediately physical than "she glares at you and strolls away."
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    This whole part made me grind my teeth in frustration, I'm the king goddammit! If I say your under arrest then by Iomedae your under arrest!

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    I am the king: disobeying my edicts is a non-lawful action.

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    cue Judge Dredd... "I AM THE LAW"

    I agree this particular quest is problematic. There are players that want to truly ally with the Hellknights, and there's really no feasible way to do it and benefit. Basically you need to "do something" in town once it starts to trigger Davian's arrival, which triggers an encounter at the Secluded Lodge. Then you have to make sure to have a dialogue at the Secluded Lodge with Davian in order for him to trigger an event later to confront Linxia/Davian at his Brineheart Location.

    I just make sure to clear this as soon as it shows up, as the Linxia static events are annoying to have going on in your kingdom management section.

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