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    The Ravenous Queen

    OK, I have just defeated Irovetti and taken Pitax for myself, while I get ready to also take the Tors of Levenies (it's hard to upgrade the Curator and the Magister when they are both needed every week for this or that event), but the main problem I am having right now is trying to do the Ravenous Queen mission. I have found the four "Mysterious Shrines" existing in Glenebon and Pitax, and I know how the monoliths are supposed to be placed, but I can't find the Giggling Hill (the fifth and last of the Shrines). I know where one should be able to access it, but my characters are unable to find the damned place, even though I have 3+ characters with +25 or greater in Perception. What's the exact DC to find the Giggling Hill? Or is it that the place is somewhere else?
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    Sadly you get a single attempt at each level.
    Buy the eyes of the eagle. With it Jaethal should get +34 at level 12 (+12 skill, +3 class skill, +6 half inquisitor level, +5 wisdom 20) +6 skill focus, +2 racial bonus). Even without skill focus you should get a +28.
    Besides the eyes, there is the marksman's headset that gives a +5 competence to perception.

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    I am in my second game and I have spotted it when moving near, my best perceptions where a 26 and a 25 (Jaethal is dead).

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    I've never missed it, but I always make sure I have a bard/rogue/INQ/Druid/Ranger with >+40 Perception at that level:
    +2 Canny Observer (Rogue/Bard Talent)
    +2/+4 Alertness
    +3/+6 Skill Focus
    +2 Racial (Halfling, Elf, Half-Elf)
    +1/2 level Bard Archaelogist or Rogue or Inquisitor
    +5 Eyes of the Eagle (competes with most WIS items though)
    (plus the usual +3 class skill, +10-15 ranks, +WIS)

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    I'm sure you can google for how to edit the JSON file and reset the detection of that location.
    +25 is pretty low for Perception at that stage, imo.
    Your characters all probably rolled poorly when you passed it.

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