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    Questions about Kineticist

    Hello fellow forumites,

    Pathfinder noob here. I have recently hit level 5 with my melee electricity Dark elementalist and I am getting genuinely confused about how my abilities work or rather should work. Please help me clarify this:

    - I started as Neutral Good, which is probably an oversight and should be reported. But it does allow me to RP, so in before fix.

    - The infusion specialization is now reducing burn cost of my blasts by 1. However when I toggle on Metakinesis-Empowered the burn cost of my basic blast is now 1 - the same cost as an empowered extended range, which feels weird. From simple math it seems that this should not be the case ( 0 (basic blast cost) + 1 (Empowered) -1(infusion specialization) should equal 0 right ? Bug or WAD ?

    - I have picked magnetic infusion, which seems extremely powerful even without metal blast. However when i toggle it on, it does not increase burn cost of my kinetic blade at all (regular blast and extended range seems fine). And I ve tested it and it does affect enemies hit by kinetic blade. Free magnetic infusion on meele seems borderline broken - i guess this is not WAD ?

    -How is the bonus from Soul power calculated ? I see no buff on my character - sometimes i can see bonus under my attack stat, but it does not seem to affect my damage at all (it should ?).

    Bonus questions: Is there any possible way to perform AoO with either Kinetic blade or at least unarmed strike ?
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