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Thread: After 3rd DLC ?

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    Also, I would pay good money to get a Turn based combat mode DLC.

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    I'd pay good money for a game editor, always looking for a good isometric/3d electronic way to run a d&d campaign. Gave up painting figurines years ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melkhior View Post
    The same, more side-quests at low/mid level would be nice - provided we have the (in-game) time to do them (managing a barony/kingdom is a time-consuming task for the poor MC!). But more available XP might make the ending easier?

    Perhaps a new post-ending - allowing to go above Lvl20 if that's needed [requiring multi-classing, not pushing classes beyond 20]. Probably would be tough to create though.

    Yes pls more side Quests at [low} >>>>>>> [mid] level.
    And maybe some villages u can visit out of your borders.

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    Well here is a idea for a main boss in a dlc or a expansion pack for kingmaker and that is to use baba yaga she would fit in well in kingmaker as a main villain she could start out helping you in the beginning but her main goal could be your kingdom also her home is in the first world so it could be easy pickings for her

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    I would be happy with a 2nd AP, adding a couple of extra classes and archetypes.

    There is an AP that has Baba Yaga, but I would rather see RotRL or CotCT.

    Also: please add the content from the Eldritch Arcana mod to the official game.

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