View Poll Results: Which issue with kingdom management frustrates you the most?

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  • There are too many events and projects happening at the same time

    19 10.44%
  • Events and projects take too much time to complete

    54 29.67%
  • Having only up to 10 advisors at the same time is not enough

    5 2.75%
  • Having 3 NPC candidates available per each of the 10 advisor roles is not enough

    61 33.52%
  • There is not enough information about kingdom management in the game

    18 9.89%
  • It is too hard to decrease your kingdom's Unrest levels

    13 7.14%
  • It is too hard to get more BPs / There is always too little BPs available

    12 6.59%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Dowd View Post
    What I'd like to suggest is that we be able to designate a deputy to each of the advisors - one that can take on an event related to the portfolio while the primary 'minister' is busy with a Kingdom project or an event of their own.
    Amazing idea

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    This is a repost of my Effective Kingdom Level suggesting, but I think it's relevant. I believe that it's not there isn't enough information about kingdom management, it's that there's not enough real-time information about your kingdom.

    Have you considered having an Effective Kingdom Level along with Event CR? I think that this would clear up the vast majority of the complaints about later game events.

    Effective Kingdom Level (EKL): Like character level; this is a simplified summary of the power of your kingdom.

    Event CR (ECR): Like traps or monsters CRs; this is a simplified summary of the power of an encounter.

    This allows players to clearly see how much attention they should be paying to their barony:
    EKL > ECRs: Great, your barony is strong. You can spend more time adventuring
    EKL = ECRs: You're doing OK, but maybe you should spend some time developing
    EKL < ECRs: Woah, you're going to fail a lot of events. You should spend more time developing your barony

    Possible calculation for EKL: (Sum of all ranks / 10) + (Adviser stats / 10)

    Possible calculation for ECR: Basically Pg. 422 of the CRB "Designing a trap" / "CR modifiers for mechanical traps". How hard is it to beat + How much damage will it do.

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    I think we need a way of getting advisors that are not involved in a quest to get them you make one wrong move in a quest and it will cost you a advisor so my idea would be to hire wandering advisors it has been done in romance of the three kingdoms and in dynasty warriors empires

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    I voted for #6 but only because I wanted to vote for several but could only vote for one, and #6 seemed to be a somewhat catch-all option. I am equally frustrated with #s 2, 4 and 7.

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    These are all major issues.

    Honestly, I'd have happily voted "Yes"

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    BP management is driving me crazy. I am so busy saving BP up I never build anything or get to do quests I have piling up.

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    Hunh, I can click only 1?? ^^'

    Mostly my main beef is on point 1,2,5,6

    A. Too much going on at 1 time and when there's an emergency situation, especially when the advisor in need is busy doing something else. Canceling a project will automatically 'fails' it, so it feels like a 'damn if you do, damn if you don't' kinda situation.

    B. Requires too much time to complete

    C. Too little information. And when an advisor requires your personal consent into funding his/her project via throne room, I'd like to know just HOW MUCH it's gonna cost me. And if I don't have the immediate funding, I hope there will be a way to postpone it for later date.

    Edit :
    D. About unrest level. There needs to be an easier way to tone it down. Like for instance if the people are worried because your BP points dropping too low, I think it would make sense that you could alleviate their concerns by personally adding BP to the treasury. Money is your concern? fear no more, because here it is on the table..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob Rendell View Post
    I feel that there are two options missing from the poll:
    * Auto-time-skip when the PC (Baron/ess/King/Queen) is involved in resolving a project.
    * Inability to cancel or suspend in-progress projects.
    I have to agree that it's these two + too few candidates for each role. IMO most other problems stem from auto-time skip and being unable to put a project on hold, fix these two and everything will go more smoothly.

    The auto-time skip is particularly miserable because there are other things starting and getting completed/failed while it's happening (including very bad timed events like attacks from the Bald Hilltop). I get that you're busy but not THAT busy that you can't take 5 minutes to assign people to new work or deal with a huge crisis unfolding. I think that at the very least it should work like assigning advisors to other things, where you're flagged as "busy" with a project and maybe can't leave the capital/barony but still can assign people to new tasks while leveling up or claiming a new region. No automatic time-skips, please. The level-ups also pile up very fast and it feels like tedious busy work to manually level up each and every one of them over and over and over again, and frankly I would rather have the whole thing simplified or take like 3 days to unclog the backlog. I like projects, problems and opportunities but when I see 6 or 7 "advisor needs your attention for 14 days" piled up I feel like I'd rather go explore and let the whole thing burn down.

    For most projects it makes absolutely no sense that they can't be put on hold. You have for example Jhod assigned to studying a curse or rebuilding the temple (which takes several months), then a few days after you start you get a problem that requires the priest for 14 days. Then another. And another. You take the hit for unsolved problems, for no good reason. Projects should either be allowed to be put on hold or if that's impossible take a lot less time for gameplay's sake. Or maybe have projects as a separate thing that people do while they don't have a problem or opportunity assigned.

    As for the candidates, yes, there are too few for each role and it's not that hard to screw yourself over and not have anyone for a position. Some of the available positions also make very little sense, Bartholomew, a wizard, can be a treasurer or a diplomat but not a magic advisor. Valerie can't be a general but Regonar can.

    I don't think BP is a problem. It's a good money sink for later in the game. What is a problem however is the building tetris in the settlements, there is no way to optimize without prior knowledge or reading guides, and it's wonky and time-consuming even then. Why can't we for example rotate a 2-slot building? Why can't we see where the slots are for higher level settlement? As it is now, the whole "bonus from adjacent building" thing should be scrapped and replaced with "if you have x in the village, you get this bonus" where appropriate, it would be far less frustrating.

    Another thing I gotta mention is that maybe the random events should repeat less often, with some sort of a timer. Once I got the same "elf merchant has found a loophole in taxes" two times in a row, to a point where I thought I forgot to deal with the problem in the first place.

    Upgrading advisors' stats costs too much and takes too long. I think it's cheaper to buy them a stat-boost item, but you can't do that for non-companions.

    This is probably a bug related to a quest but I got the "assign advisor to look for the hunter" project when the hunter was already dead.

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    When Kingmaker came out, I would've put down something in the poll. But as it stands now, I'm comfortable with how Kingdom Management works and don't actually feel that any of the issues is so severe that it is a detriment.

    I nearly voted for "events & projects are too long", but I'm actually happy with them. The urge to have shorter ones is only due to the sense of "completionist" management - players want to solve each and every thing that comes up (much like we do every side quest). With quests it actually makes sense, but wanting to complete each event/project is undesirable in my opinion - the kingdom is supposed to have so much going on that making decisions on what to support becomes meaningful.

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    As a person that put few hundred hours into the game some of the options on the poll no longer concern me.
    Now the biggest problems are:
    1. Kingdom Management loading times

    2. Lack of ability to buy BP directly from Kingdom Management screen

    3. Lack of ability to see how much BP you have and when are closest projects/event about to finish from OUTSIDE the kingdom management screen (so I can know in how many days I need to get back to my territory to assign now free advisors to new problems/opportunities and that I can I buy BP from vendor in amount I need and not by guessing).

    4. This one is from the poll. Only 3 options per advisor slots is bad. Especially when some advisor options can go into multiple advisor slots so you don't get 3 options in other slots when you are already using certain NPCs in advisor slots. Also some Advisor positions (Councilor I think, the one where Tristian and Brevoy envoy lady can go into) can lose all advisor options easily if you roleplay your character and then you are left with nobody for that slot.
    Lack of options for many advisor positions kill roleplaying and force you to use advisors just because they are only one left for the job.

    When I was a newbie to this game biggest problems were:
    1. Lack of ingame information about what is going on. You need to work on the UI, there need to be markers, blinking stuff (like if your unrest increased for the worse, that part of UI needs to blink and have a good explanation why it happened).
    2. Lack of ability to pause your 14 day upgrade to deal with newly popped up problems. Like if you do the 14 day upgrade too close to new Ancient Curse event, it can easily happen that multiple days pass of unsolved Ancient Curse 1 day problems and you get negative hits to your stats. It is kind of stupid that our Baron is happily giving instructions on how to upgrade Community while Spiders and other enemies are coming out from portals and rampaging all over your Barony..
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