View Poll Results: Which issue with kingdom management frustrates you the most?

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  • There are too many events and projects happening at the same time

    19 10.44%
  • Events and projects take too much time to complete

    54 29.67%
  • Having only up to 10 advisors at the same time is not enough

    5 2.75%
  • Having 3 NPC candidates available per each of the 10 advisor roles is not enough

    61 33.52%
  • There is not enough information about kingdom management in the game

    18 9.89%
  • It is too hard to decrease your kingdom's Unrest levels

    13 7.14%
  • It is too hard to get more BPs / There is always too little BPs available

    12 6.59%
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    Kingdom Management Issues

    Hello there, Pathfinders!

    As you all know, forging a kingdom of your own is what Pathfinder: Kingmaker is all about. Building up settlements, defending the realm and dealing with the occacional disaster, be it trolls falling from the skies or all the furniture suddenly coming to life, - such is a ruler's burden. However, as developers, we want to make sure that these burdens do not outweigh the joys of being a monarch, and an adventuring monarch at that.
    We've been tweaking the balance of kingdom management ever since release, and while we think we've taken steps in the right direction, we're still closely monitoring the situation. Right now, we'd like to pinpoint some of the remaining issues, and you can help us with that! To do so, just take part in the poll and tell us: which of the issues with kingdom management you find the most frustrating? Feel free to elaborate in the comments!

    The results of the poll, as well as all of your comments and feedback, will be forwarded to our dev team. Thank you very much for your participation!

    Whoa, folks - thanks for all the comments, and keep'em coming! I just wanted to make sure all of you have seen this update written by the people who designed kingdom management in the game. It has a lot of info and may help those who want to better understand how to best rule your land:
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