View Poll Results: Which issue with kingdom management frustrates you the most?

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  • There are too many events and projects happening at the same time

    19 10.44%
  • Events and projects take too much time to complete

    54 29.67%
  • Having only up to 10 advisors at the same time is not enough

    5 2.75%
  • Having 3 NPC candidates available per each of the 10 advisor roles is not enough

    61 33.52%
  • There is not enough information about kingdom management in the game

    18 9.89%
  • It is too hard to decrease your kingdom's Unrest levels

    13 7.14%
  • It is too hard to get more BPs / There is always too little BPs available

    12 6.59%
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    I feel that there are two options missing from the poll:
    * Auto-time-skip when the PC (Baron/ess/King/Queen) is involved in resolving a project.
    * Inability to cancel or suspend in-progress projects.

    I use the Kingdom Resolution mod to specifically avoid the auto-time-skip when the PC is involved with resolving projects (claiming territory and ranking up advisors). What's interesting is that the game works perfectly well without the time skip... the advisor being ranked up or claiming the territory is unavailable to do other projects, and the event happens perfectly well when the time finishes. The only "bug" with this approach is that the game allows your PC to work on more than one project at once, presumably because the UI doesn't bother checking if the PC is busy because without the mod the game becomes unresponsive for 14 days and they don't have the opportunity to start more than one project at once.

    Projects can be cancelled consequence-free the day they start, but after that it's impossible to cancel them. Allowing a project to be suspended or cancelled at any point would alleviate many of the issues with not having enough advisors, as you could pause or abandon less important projects to allocate advisors to more important things.

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    Frankly, most of the options on the poll can be addressed by mods like Kingdom Resolution and Bag of Tricks. But having so few options for advisor slots (and not being able to nominate any mercenaries you want to create) doesn't seem to be something modders can fix yet, and I'd like to see you folks tackle it.

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    For me only issue is that events and projects take too much time to complete and at the same time you have too many events to do and your advisors are blocked in events in progress. You cant quickly respond to new events -> you need to go back to your kingdom and that annoing to going for adventure and near the start of new month you most go back every time.

    Edit: Kingdom Resolution mod resolves it for me so yeah.
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    Most of my concerns are already mentioned by others, but there is one little thing that bothers me.
    When placing a new town, why can't I see the streets? I'm not very far in the game (waiting for 1.2), but I would prefer to place my towns at strategic places in case of a war (even if it is only visual), but without the streets displayed it's very hard to accomplish.

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    Combo problem. Too many things happening, too few advisors to choose from, always needs the same 4 or 5 advisors.

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    Everyone wants to be the treasurer, but no one wants to be the councillor. In my play through, I have only only had Tristian as an option, as I didn't take that old lady from the Surtovas. It seems odd that there would be only one party member option for that, especially since there are several party members that can appointed to more than one position.

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    I had to take:
    Events and projects take too much time to complete
    Option because it kind of bugs me that if and when you train your councillor it literally mean you can not do ANYTHING else for 2 week. I understand some HUGE projects can take really long time but not that my baron need to babysit next to councillor for that time.
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    Mh. I voted 4, but the 'real' problem is the temporary availability for some advisors (aka "I desperately need a treasurer").
    On tabletop game, the GM can provoke encounters or reward players who look actively for NPCs. In videogames, devs generally make statics encounters, not limited in time, for important things. Especially when loading screens says "you need a treasurer" ten times per game :D

    I love your game (so it's not an angry post), but if you need to go on the internet to find advisors, it's a game design problem.

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    What I'd like to suggest is that we be able to designate a deputy to each of the advisors - one that can take on an event related to the portfolio while the primary 'minister' is busy with a Kingdom project or an event of their own.

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    Thanks for asking our opinion, Owlcat :). this is great.

    I'd love to have more options to vote for. One big issue for me is projects system as a whole. 1) they don't give too much - just a couple points here or there; 2) they take long time; 3) they are long and not cancelable, and therefore taking on an Opportunity project is a huge gamble every single time (what if a Problem pops up while advisor is busy?).

    From lore and roleplaying they are great - so many things happening, it's cool to participate in all of them. From strategy point it's quite bad.

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