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    Quote Originally Posted by Naliamegod View Post
    Just PSA: Elmindra came up with a mod that added the Oracle class, traits, feats, spells and a few other goodies to the game. So it looks like even if the developers cannot add all the stuff we want, mods will.

    Ouch, what a great mod on paper. Thank you for the link.

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    Cool keep on voting :)

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    I am more or less satisfied with the selection of races. In terms of classes though there are plenty I’d like to see. Hell Knights, Witches, and Gunslingers being at the top of the list.

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    I'd like to see Loremaster PRC.

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    My biggest wish is for Owlcat to add the Technologist class and the Technomancer prestige class along with Gunslinger, Ninja, Psychic, and Occultist! As for playable races, I've always liked the Android, Dampyr, Vanara, Samsarans, Ratfolk, and Kitsune.
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