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    Interested in the game

    Hello, as the title says i'm interested in buying the game. Very interested, in fact.

    I already know i will love this game but there's something that is stopping me from buying it for now, which is the lack of playable Hellknights.

    I'm a very unexperienced when it comes to the Pathfinder universe and lore, i just know some of the basic stuff and i'd prefer to experience it for the first time with my favorite class.

    Are Hellknights planned in a DLC? I saw that the Kineticist class was released, so maybe i should wait and see if Hellknights happen?

    Should i just buy the game right now? There's other classes that i like, it's just that i'd prefer to experience my first playtrough with my favorite class.

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    Well, not sure what the devs are planning for future releases, so I'm afraid I can't help you there.
    Probably you just have to ask yourself should they never release the Hellknight class, would it be a deal-breaker for you?

    As for being a new comer in the Pathfinder setting, I don't think that will be a problem (imho).
    Heck, I've never even heard about Pathfinder before and the only thing that got me interested in the game is because of the BG2 vibe I'm getting at. You can say I plunged head first without knowing anything, LoL. And I fell in love with the game and fell in love with a different class than the usual SomethingSorcery class mold that I used to roll.
    But anyho, that's just my personal opinion, what you think enjoyable/fun/satisfying/dissapointing is completely different than mine, so YMMV.. :)

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    The game is great and there are other classes i like so i wouldn't call it a deal breaker. Not having them at all, even after being a kickstarter goal would make me a bit sad tho :P

    Think i'll wait a while longer, after the 2nd dlc is released and then i'll probably buy the game, with or without the hellknight class

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