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    No Kallike/Kanerah at the hous at the edge of time

    I'm in my second playthrough of the game. In the first one, I did the twin quests (start quest then forefather quest). In the second one, I did the quests (start quest then forefather quest then full sweet tooth)and romance them.

    In the first playthrought I went around the House at the Edge of Time (on both side and on 3 floors) find all my companion (or their dead body for regongar, nok nok, jubilost and linzi) but no sign of Kalikke/Kanerah

    In the second one, I went all around the first floor (both versionà, got everyone but no Kallike/Kanerah

    I looked on internet ( to find where they are supposed to be (two room south from Valerie) but they are never there

    I don't know if it's relevant but in the 1st playthrough I had a custom companion and in the second one I had a full party of 5 custom companion

    Help ?

    Edit : after 2 reload, I found thme on the second side but only if I reach the second side of the first floor from the outside well => look like a bug
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