First: Thanks to owlcat games for such a great game. Canīt wait for the next DLCs.

My kingdom ended with all stats in X. I favored steel over spell and common folk over merchants during the playthrough. I think was fit for a LG Fighter.

The end result was a (mostly) monster-free kingdom admired for military power, arcane research and devotion to the gods.
Galt invasion was bashed easily and helping Restov independence wasnīt much trouble.
However, while defending the common man made my kingdom seemly the best place to live in the region, it also led to a nation that struggle to pay its bills and a revolt in one region that was costly to solve.

Soldiers over mages was a good bet. But probably either balance between favoring rich/poor or siding with merchants would have being better.

My MC ended with Valerie as lover and Kanerah as mistress, but this isnīt preventing marriage proposal from other kingdoms. Maybe had i choose one iīd have a Queen (and the true love achievement).

I liked surviving companions outcome (lost Jaethal and Nok-Nok), although i do wonder how the kingdom is managed with the irreplaceable councilor (Tristan) going back to his goddess. Valerie, Kanerah, Kallike, Harrim and Ekundayo stayed with the kingdom. Octavia/Regongar returned after a time. And Linzi stayed as well, in a way.

So, how it ended for you all, folks?