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Thread: Few questions

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    Few questions

    Does paladin benefit from high cha? I put 18 cha on my hospitaler, while he has 10 dex, will I regret it?
    Will my paladin benefit from weapon focus longsword?
    Best feats for paladin? I played this game with hospitaler for long time, but I might need few ideas on best feats for warrior classes.

    How to fit Kineticist companion in my party - Linzi, Tristian, Octavia, Hospitaler &

    Twin Kineticist - what subclass are they?

    I bought season pass - will I really see Kanerah & Kallikke in ch2?
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    A paladin is a close quarter fighter, you might want to buff constitution and strength.

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    Earth. Or so I was told.
    CHA is important to Paladins. Very important. Most of their abilities, as well as spell bonus slots and spell DCs, depend on Charisma. It adds to all your saving throws, to your Smite Evil bonus, to your Lay on hands, etc.

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    depending if you want high diplomacy character or not

    18 CHA, 16 STR, 14 CON, 10 DEX you can dump INT for a bit of WIS (12 is advised as will saves are very important)

    personnally, my favorite is

    18 STR, 16 CHA, 14 CON, 10 DEX, dump INT and you can put 12 WIS


    16 STR, 16 CON, 16 CHA, 10 DEX, dump INT 12 WIS

    you will get fairly early on the possibility to buy a +2 CHA helmet (no visuals unfortunately so pick a hairdo that you like)

    and look at old oak (it is WEST of oleg trading, a bit SOUTH but almost on the same level so don't go too much south) NOT at the beginning but after handing in a certain mainquest to kesten garess there will be an event at old oak, a man-eating troll (an encounter as hard as the mutant direbear in temple of elk so be careful)

    He will drop a +2 belt of STR.

    Why I advise with going 16 - 16 - 16 (or at least why I want that) is because you get enhancement of + 2 for only one mental attribute and one physical attribute (as belts only give physical and helmets only mental), so you can get an enhancement for CHA but only one between STR and CON, and of course since everyone is going for STR it's nice to invest in CON early.

    BTW you will be able to buy +4 enhancement for CHA and STR later on, 20 CHA is fine for paladins so put all your ability point into STR at level 4-8-12-16.

    DON'T DUMP DEX, 10 is fine but no lower. 12 is worthless in my opinion because your armors will make your dex rolls disastrous anyways, but don't go negative dex as it will impact your CA

    kudos and happy kingdoming

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    For Main Character Paladin, I do Human 16+2 STR, 10 DEX, 14 CON, 14 INT, 10 WIS, 14 CHR.
    The 14 INT is useful for skill points (something that are so hard to get in this game). I also take Skill Focus Persuasion on my Main Character.
    You will eventually get stat boosting items to get all stats up (multiple stat bumps on one item)

    Paladins don't really need the high saves until later, so the CHR pays off long-term, not short. Toughness is another good level 1 feat for extra HP.

    The Troll at Old Oak is an easy cheese-kill at Level 2 if Linzi spams Hideous Laughter on him. That's a sweet early STR+2 belt.

    You'll find a Belt of STR/DEX/CON all +2 sometime in early Chapter 2.
    In the Troll Base, you'll also find a Full Plate+2 that gives +2 smites per day and +2 to both WIS and CHR. That is the Paladin Armor you'll wear until Book 5.

    You'll find belts that modify both STR and CON during Book 3 and Book 4, as well as headbands that modify all mental stats to +4.
    By Book 5/6 you should have a belt of +8 to STR/DEX/CON and your Crown is +6 to INT/WIS/CHR (there's an item that's +8 to all mental), and Bokken eventually gives you a Super Soldier Serum that permanently gives you +2 to ALL SIX STATS.

    Personally, I take 1-2 levels of Monk(Scaled Fist) to my Paladin. Take DODGE as the bonus feat (you don't need a 13 DEX to take it as a bonus feat). Eventually, your paladin can walk around without armor, as adding CHR to AC, plus Bracers of Armor +8, and Fighting with Crane Style (no shield allowed, but you can have Jubilost cast a Shield Spell Infusion on you...) you get ridiculous high AC. There's a Monk Armor for Lawful Good Characters that add +5 to AC also. That Monk level also makes Athletics and Perception into class skills, which is useful too.

    (My Paladin with 1 Monk level has about 10 higher AC without Full Plate than With, which is pretty sweet).

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    oh my god this game has really disguisting items. +8 to all physical stats belt, +8 to all mental stats, a serum that gives +2 to all six stats? imo that defeats the purpose of specializing your character like what I experience in regular pen and paper tabletop.

    juicy tip for the paladin full plate. too bad is gets completely destroyed by min maxing in dual classing.

    does the WIS AC from monk class stacks with the CHA AC from paladin?

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    Most of if the items above drop at level 14+, which is in keeping with the Shenanigans that happen in high level play in Pen and Paper. In P+P you can buy magic books for 29k each that give +1 inherent bonus to a stat, up to +5... so by level 20 you can do more than +2 to all stats.

    There is only one +8 hat, but several +8 belts by the end. They're in keeping with artifacts you typically find in Pathfinder AP's in book 5 + 6. In the P+P Kingmaker, Briar is a +5 Vorpal Longsword.

    Paladins do not get CHR to AC, they get CHR to saves. There is a Monk archetype (scaled fist) that uses CHR for AC (instead of WIS).

    I assure you the Shenanigans in this PC game are on par with pen and paper. I have seen nastier PCs in my Pathfinder Society games at level 8-12.

    My Silliest Build right now (playing with only 3 PCs for extra XP) is a Vivisection Alchemist 16 / Paladin 2 / Monk (Scaled Fist) 1. His Strength is 46 fully buffed (Greater Mutagen+8, Legendary Proportions+6, Belt+8, Oil+2, starting STR 18 with +4 stat bumps) and an AC in the mid 50's.

    (not to be confused with the 61 AC I get on my Cleric's animal companion just casting Animal Growth, Mage Armor, Bark Skin, Shield Infusion, and Shield of Faith on it)

    In conclusion... I love this game.

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    so basically only crits ever touch you, and they never confirm?

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    Monk archetype doesn't give you extra ac if you're wearing armour I think.

    Yeah the stupidly high ac tactic that you need to do is annoying. Esspecially with the dumb ai that just rushes the first thing they see :(

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    The Monster to hit does not scale like the P+P... so it's a necessary tactic.

    And my PCs get nailed in the House at Edge of Time unless their TOUCH AC is high (>40) which is darn near impossible. My 45 AC cleric in full plate gets perforated by that annoying Crystal attack (which gets spammed at you like crazy by those Wild Hunt mobs).

    Again, this reflect Pen+Paper experience. People jack up their AC as much as possible, as there are level ranges where monsters have such high to-hit, that it is the only way to survive.

    Yeah - Monk AC does not stack with Armor.... but Full Plate +5 is 13 points of armor, compare to Bracers of Armor+8 combined with "Monk" AC bonuses of CHR, Max Dex of >1 (>3 when compared to mithril full plate, which is very hard to find in kingmaker), and Monk Robes. Typically, "going monk" is a better strategy than Full Plate.

    If I were inclined, I'd have any Lawful cleric do a one-level dip into Monk to use high WIS for AC... but at some point Monk Multi-Classing gets silly (it is a super common tactic in pencil-paper pathfinder).

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