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    Pathfinder: Kingmaker wins GOTY 2018 in RPG Codex

    Not sure if anyone know of RPG Codex and how you all think of the site... but Pathfinder: Kingmaker was voted GOTY 2018 there!

    Congrats Owlcats and well deserved :D

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    Congrats Owlcat! Winning GotY given to you by RPG fans and not 4 journalists like most gaming sites do!

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    You mean those journalists that didn't recognize a modern BG3 just because it was released with a different name, while praising F4 as the best game in the fallout series? Those generic journalists?

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    Awesome, congrats.

    Top 3 are 2 Russian, and a Czech game. The year NA/EU RPGs died :P

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    Thank you! We were really proud and happy to hear that :D

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    Go Go Owlcat!!!!

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    Go!Go!Go! Yeay Owlcat and congratulations 😆

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    Congrats! a vote by the Codex is high praise indeed!

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    Woohoo! :D
    Yep, the news spread through our workchat like wildfire. This feels amazing and very humbling at the same time. It also means that we'll have to work twice as hard to outdo ourselves next time...

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    not being praised by journalists who praised Fallout 4 is a big compliment imo,

    congrats owlcat

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