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    **SPOILER** Royal artisan masterpieces **SPOILER**

    Hi all,

    Is there a list of royal artisan masterpieces? I think I received a few but can't really tell exactly how many I have received (I managed to invite all available artisans to my kingdom but I didn't quite manage to max out my kingdom stats by the time curse 7 arrived).

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    There is
    Try Google it or search the steam discussion forums

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    Bokken gives you the super soldier serum (+2 to all stats permanently)
    I think I got a Mithril Full Plate +5 from Dragn
    Irene I think gives out some sweet Rods
    Tailor and Archer I don't remember anything really standing out, but lots of useful stuff
    The evil armor-guy and the leatherworker i can never seem to complete their quests (the first is evil, the second is tied to Varnhold Militia and I always seem to mess that one up).

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    I know there are information on it but I didn't see the complete list of all masterpieces in one post.

    * Bokken (Alchemist) - Elixir of inconceivable transmutations of body, and soul, and also mind (+2 to ability scores, permanent)
    * Dragn (Dwarven Smit) - Onslaught (Mithril Full Plate +5, +8 strength +20 speed)
    * Irene (Arcane) - Grandmaster's Rod (MAximize + Empower 3x/day, ignore spell resistance and immunity)
    * Trival (Leatherworker) - Royal Guardian (max Dex bonus of +15, increase max HP by 20, +5 AC studded light armor)
    * Mim (Jeweler) - Great Dreamer's Smile (+2 luck bonus on attack and damage rolls, saving throws, skill checks, and penetration checks, immunity to curses)
    * Shaynih'a (Monk) - Mastery (Fauchard +5, adds +5 to all CMB and does damage as if on hit when CMB succeeds, grants permanent Freedom of movement and immune to trip+bullrush)
    * Nazrelle (Weaponsmith) - Perfection (Longsword +5, +2 All saves, attacks, AC, skills)
    * Kimo (Woodworker) - Mirror Bow (Composite Longbow +5, Attacking with this bow fires an extra projectile for 1d4+1/2 strength bonus damage)
    * Sharel (Tailor) - Ambrosial Attire of Arcane Annihilation (robe, +4 attack with rays, +1 damage per die fire, acid, force, cold, electric spells, +4 spell pen)
    * Varrask (Orcish Smith) - Dragon's Essence (Greataxe +5, cast dragonskin III once a day)

    Damn, if the list is correct then I only managed to get two - perfection and mirror bow.
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    Dang... I've never found Nazrelle....

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