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    Just keep making great games like this and we'll keep voting ^_^
    It works the other way around, too: just keep playing and voting for us, and we'll keep making gaems :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by k0tarsis View Post
    It works the other way around, too: just keep playing and voting for us, and we'll keep making gaems :)
    Big hint, I did wrote something like:
    Quote Originally Posted by Pathfinder View Post
    I wish...

    - There will be enough time for developers to make game as they want to, not cut out things from game.
    - That developers have enough time to crush bugs instead of release game too early and spend over year to fix things what even prevent people to fully complete game.
    - When you create PC you can choose your deity, your "religion" so to speak.
    - When you create PC you can zoom in and see more clearly your PC, face, eye color and little things like that.
    - All current race's, feats, spells, archetypes, classes and so on + bit more. Atleast most wanted Hellknight (+ what come with it), maybe witch, oracle.

    - It would be really great if we would get someking of "starting program" where is map of Golarion fully and we would be able to choose what AP or Module we would like to start / go to. Naturally at first it would be kind of "boring" becouse all what you can choose right now is pretty much Stolen Lands and Kingmaker module (or soon second DLC as single module). But later it would be really nice to choose from multiple AP's or modules and maybe from multiple PC's you have. (From module to module, most likely not from AP to AP)

    - Later ability to create your own modules, official map / module making kit and place your own modules in that Golarion map. (Game editor)

    - It would be interesting to have more forces of nature to fight for. I mean maybe cold climate where you can actually freeze, or desert where you can die without water and be able to move only during night, jungle you can lost and humidity can ruin your metal armor if you are not carefull with it. Or maybe under water, you need spells or special race to be able to do that, some weapons do not work at all under water...

    - Later updates: what I mean is: when you release a new game update old ones to get new classes, items, maybe races and so on. Use same engine (if possible) and ultimately make this one huge sandbox where you have ability to choose from multiple adventures or AP's knowing that you have same spells, abilities, rules, classes and so on for every single one of them.

    - Oh, not to forgot.. ..make a new kickstart. I want to be part of all this again!

    So keep making (Pathfinder as ruleset & AP's if possible) kickstart's and I keep backing you.. :)
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