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    What is up with Elemental Body?

    Polymorph spells in general and [i]Elemental Body[i] specifically are blocking all spellcasting and do not allow characters to equip gear after being affected by the polymorph.

    This is not how the spells are supposed to function.

    Given that the metamagic feats Still Spell, Silent Spell, and Eschew Materials are not implemented in the game, it would make it very difficult to justify casting spells while using beast form. The same cannot be said for Elemental Body. Elementals both have access to anthromorphic bodies and verbal communication. While spell component pouches are not implemented in the game, a sorcerer would have no need of them even if they were. This should allow at least some casters access to full spellcasting capabilities while using Elemental Body.

    The second point is gear; yes, any equipped gear melds into the character's body at the time the spell is cast. Gear equipped after assuming elemental form, however, should be unaffected. With a duration of 10 - 40 minutes, enough time to clear most dungeons, it should be trivial for a character to equip the few pieces of gear he needs to actively use after being polymorphed. This is not a restriction imposed by the physical form; elementals are not restricted in gear usage, only in available proficiencies. Kingmaker should not be blocking characters from equipping new weapons/consumables while polymorphed into an elemental.

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    Eldritch Arcana mod to my understanding permits casting while in elemental body.

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    Everything in that mod should part of the core game.

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