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Thread: My kingdom?

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    My kingdom?

    Forgive me if I posted this to the wrong board.

    Iíve recently come back to the game after giving it a few months to simmer. While the core mechanics and storyline in general are enjoyable there is a relatively small issue that gnaws at the back of my mind while I play. The way things are presented especially in the early chapters of the game makes it feel like this isnít really my kingdom. Sure Iím the head of state and people follow my orders. Why though are my people loyal to me? Why do they agree to move to a dangerous wilderness and live under a lord they know nothing about? Also am I to accept the military that a seemingly benevolent forgiven power has provided no questions asked? Honestly the way the founding of my kingdom is presented makes me feel like the whole thing is a set up and Iím the patsy.

    I would love if you could build up your power base in a more organic way. For example during Chapter One the party could happen across a few groups of frontiersmen, refugees, exiles and outlaws. By either winning the trust of or dominating these groups you can establish what will be the core population of your first settlement. Such encounters could also provide you with bodies to fill the lesser positions of your fledgling realm such as sergeant of the guard.

    Another way to establish a connection with the ruler and his subjects is to set up a preexisting relationship with certain groups that would be looking to resettle in the River Kingdoms. The PC could send out a few messages to old friends and kinfolk who might be interested in the venture. Perhaps a few of the companions could be convinced to call upon their contacts to draw in settlers and soldiers.

    Finally the interlude between Chapters One and two would be a great place for the PC to meet and gather potential settlers. The party could wander around a small section of the city talking to various mercenary groups and people looking to start a new life. Maybe the PC agrees to pay the fines for a wagonload of petty criminals in exchange for swearing fealty to him or her. There could be a group of out of work commoners desperate for a way to make a living that the PC convinces to come along with him. When the player sets of for his new capital it should be at the head of a wagon train filled with people and supplies.

    I know this has turned into a rather long post. I feel though that a lot of good potential gameplay and story was skipped over. I look to the examples of other CRPGs that have engaged these ideas interesting way. Both DA Inquisition and NWN 2 had the PC build up a personal stronghold and following. In those games accomplishing that goal seemed more about winning hearts and minds rather than slaughtering monsters.

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    I second a part of Elder Days says, (be careful of spoilers)

    I agree with the fact that the interlude between chapter 1 and chapter 2 seems a bit too... fast? You talk to oleg, then you have the choice to immediately set off to Restov. If you set off for Restov, you are immediately put in a small chamber with the swordlord that gives you a few tips about the political situation, and then the party starts right away. It is nice to have the opportunity to ask for the current political situation, but it seems a bit fishy to only rely on a single source of information, even if you *should* trust the swordlord since it's her that gives you the opportunity to become a baron. It would be a bit more immersive/organic to be able to do your own investigation before you go meet with her.

    I have an idea and it would work well with what Elder Days just said about being able to recruit your future people, when you set out for Restov, rather than being directly put inside the chamber with the swordlord, if you could instead arrive at the gate of the city and then make your way to the townhouse (or palace, I don't know what kind of wealth the swordlords have at their disposal). It would give you the opportunity to walk around the city and do a couple of side quests (which would give you the opportunity to rack up a few xps because let's admit it, being level 5 is a tad rough for the potential encounters you have when your barony is founded).

    The opportunity to make deals during the ceremony is the right ideas, but I think it's not exploited enough. If given the opportunity, you could walk around the city and make other deals with other merchants, meet Hassuf that would say he's willing to set up shop in your barony and you could persuade him to tell the reason, you could go to the tavern or meet a shady broker that could give you informations about the current situation of the political houses in Brevoy. Maybe even get dirt on someone? Like that arrogant duke that taunts you during the party. Things like that. right now it feels like you are given the barony, then black out from being drunk for a couple weeks and your stronghold has been set up for you while people just flocked into your territory for... not much reasons?

    I also think that during chapter one a few more encounters of exiles or common people seeking protection could be more organic. Right now it feels like only bandits and Oleg live in the stolen lands. Where are the other people that the Stag Lord seemed to take ''taxes'' from? Fending off thugs at Oleg's was again a right idea, but not exploited enough. You are given a full 90 days to finish off the Stag Lord and with taking my time for exploring a bit I finished it in 2 weeks. It's nice that you get a reward for finishing the stag lord early, but putting the possibility to pacify a couple of colonies and taking their oath of fealthy would give reasons for players to spend more time exploring before handing in the quest.

    Maybe having Kesten reacts when you kill the stag lord would be more roleplay also. He's only here for the sake of handing in the tartuccio request and then he's just drinking at the bar while checking out sletvana. Seems weird that you would tell only Oleg about the Stag Lord and not the supposed right hand of the swordlord? That way, maybe Kesten can go out to report to his superior that the Stag Lord has been taken care of, and you could spend another week of two venturing your future lands to rally some people under your banners before meeting with the people in Brevoy.

    Just a couple ideas to make it more organic. The game is already really good as it is, but I think it would benefit from putting a bigger emphasis on the transition between a simple adventurer and a brave baron. Thank you Elder for bringing up that topic.
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    Because you didn't found a kingdom at first and you are not a king. You get a barony and you are a baron under the rule of Restov. The game just does not present it well. After all a big chunk of your weekly BP comes from Restov.
    When later you do become a King of a Kingdom Restov no longer gives you any BP.

    People follow you because you cleared out a dangerous bandit lord and because of Restov backing you.

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    I could be wrong, but I am fairly certain that while Restov is the main sponsor of your venture the player’s realm is always meant to be an officially sovereign state.

    Honestly if there were just a few random encounters in Chapter One where the player got a chance to interact with the scattered people of the Stolen Lands it would go a long way story wise. Heck have a few people show up at Oleg’s from time to time to do business and possible ask for help. The quest where you attack the Technic League camp is a perfect opportunity to attract some of the common folk to your banner. You have several easily rescued slaves that are very likely looking for a new home. Also like the above poster said a lot more could be done with the feast during the interlude. A few new NPCs and some text based conversations would go a long way in my mind toward making the whole situation feel more organic.

    Realistically I know it is unlikely that anything this trivial would be added to the game. The devs are rightly busy working on patching up major features and making new content for future DLCs. Still a man must have his dreams.

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