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    Wierd smilodon walking animation (wildshape)

    While the other animal animations are great, it looks like the smilodon, crudely put, is skating on ice instead of walking, while high on crack. This becomes more apparent when buffed with a haste/longstrider spell. And it is very off-putting considering that the smilodon is all we have for the end-game wild shape forms and 90% of the time any character will be buffed with haste.

    You could add another "end game" wild shape form (there are plenty of options from existing models) for both some wild shape gameplay love and so that the smilodon isn't used so much.

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    would love to see a video or a gif of a smilodon skating on ice while high on crack

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    It looks a bit like this with haste

    Like the animation is too fast compared to the actual speed and its gating is too small.
    I wish I had the time to make some mods and add these myself - the drug addict smilodon too
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