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    A strange occurence

    I couldn't find a category on the forum that specifically said that it dealt with bugs, but this one seemed the most fitting so I am posting this here. I just had something strange happen to me. When I left a town area, I was offered the option of selecting my party. I did, then went to the overworld map. However, once I got there, the only party member I had was myself. Entering an area that wasn't town was also very ill advised. The two I entered were bald hilltop, and the sycamore (the one where you had the two factions fighting over a stick). The bald hilltop had no exits to the map. Once I entered, I wouldn't have been able to leave. On the sycamore map, the exits were a lot farther down than they used to be. The exit icon was so close to the HUD that I almost mistook it for the Abilities bar button that raises up the quick menu so you can see what skill things you can do (i.e. acrobatics/mobility/charge). Loading earlier autosaves did not help the situation. I still was only able to leave with my character despite selecting multiple people for my party. On a side note, every time I tried to choose a new party while this bug was going on, I would have to select all the characters again every time (as opposed to the game always remembering your last party composition the next time you leave a safe area).
    I decided to exit the game and start it up again to see if that would fix anything. Something seemed to have been weird, because I had to download something and wait for a little bit as soon as the game shut down. After that, the game started working again just fine. It was a strange occurrence for sure.

    EDIT: On a probably-related sidenote, your game can still read .rar save files.
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