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    Stuck, nowhere to go, nothing to do

    Played heavily at launch, fought through bugs and seemingly hourly hotfixes, then just set it down for a bit. Coming back and it seems like nothing has changed in my game, even with all of the fixes.

    I have 3 quests:
    A Bard's Calling - Stuck on seeing what Pitax thinks of Linzi's book, Irovetti is expecting a visit from us...but he's not, he's nowhere to be found. I defeated Pitax without Linzi in my group, I go back with her and none of the people I need to talk to are there. There's a bunch of people with torches in front of the academy but no one standing there, nothing for me to click on, nothing to do.
    P is Prosperity - Getting there, slowly, everything is X except Espionage which is VIII, but I have no events. Learned towards the end to try to use the espionage guy as often as possible, even if he's not the most skilled, and it's working it up.
    An Ancient Curse, part 7- 200 or so days left

    I did the Kineticist's quest, cleared that up. I've resolved every dot on the map, built all of the settlements, my toons are only lvl 16 or so. I've annexed the entire map but 1000 voices and explored all of that, but there's nothing else to do.

    I feel like there is something I should be doing, but there just isn't any content in the game, nothing for me to kill or explore, just nothing.

    Help? What am I missing?
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