Hi everyone. So, after a bunch of different games where I tried different alignment in order to discover the possibilities by playing different alignment. Iíve noticed that playing lawful is maybe the less interesting in term of new choices given by the game. This is particularly shocking when you compare to a chaotic-playthrough which have a lot of interesting unique choices. To show this, I will only compare lawful and chaotic alignment. Why do I compare chaotic and lawful? Because they are opposite alignment. With other alignments (good, evil, neutral) you can still have their unique bonus and being lawful or chaotic. We could also discuss about how playing true neutral prevent you to have unique situations from other alignment or compare evil and good to see if one of them is privileged but letís leave that for further discussion.

Before really starting the comparison, I want to precise something. I will only compare the two alignments only on their narratives aspects and how they change the story, unlock new situations, Ö Iím completely aware that the alignment also allows to equip restricted item or having new buildings for the kingdom management part, but Iíve chosen to ignore theses points. Why? Because they have merely no impact on the story. You could say that having better stuff allows you to advance in the story and using the unique building allows to have a stronger kingdom but in other hands playing in story mode and savescuming the kingdom event will lead to the same result. Thus, for this reason I prefer to not consider theses points for this comparison. Another thing before starting. Maybe you already realize that, but English is not my natal language so if something is confusing or even unintelligible. Donít hesitate to tell me, and I will be glad to re-explain what I want to say.

So, Iíve made a list in order to compare each unique choice by chapters. I hope this list is complete, but I doubt. If you know other unique choice, I will add them into the list. By unique choice, I mean alignment choice which requires to have their specific alignment to be picked.

Chapter 1: The Road to Glory - Stolen Land

-Lawful: For this chapter the unique lawful choice is to convince Akiros Insmort to surrender and leave the Stag Lord. If we pick this choice, Akiros return to his homeland paying for his fault. The problem with this choice is that itís not rewarding. With a diplomatic option or a lore religion check (donít remember if itís really a lore religion.) you can convince him to not be your enemy but also, he helps you against the Stag Lord during the final fight and at the end of the game in the final chapter. The reward of lawful choice is weak compared to the diplomatic choice.

-Chaotic: I didnít find a chaotic unique choice for this chapter (or maybe I skipped it and I donít remember.).

Chapter 2: Troll Trouble

- Chaotic: The vassalization of Trolbold. This is maybe the best unique chaotic choice of this game because in a narrative perspective it gives something unique, the opportunity to vassalizing another kingdom. This is unique because in case of Varnhold, the city decides to merge into your kingdom and in case of Pitax, you annexed them. This choice is good because either if you side with kobold or troll, there is a good ending. If you side with kobold, there is good relation and some kobold even come to work to dig. On the troll side, there is still a good relation and there is even a commercial relation between Trolbold and some bordering village to sell food. During the final chapter, Tartuk/Hargulka come to help you. All of this make this choice rewarding.

- Chaotic: You have a specific chaotic choice after Candlemere with Willas Gunderson, but it seems to do nothing. I was playing with Kingdom Resolution mod, and the mod shows me than a flag is increased, and the name of the flag suggests that the resolution of Gunderson is increased? But this seems to have no impact, at the Vordkai tomb, where we see again Gunderson, he has the same dialog line picking or not the chaotic choice. Maybe itís bugged or maybe there is an impact on the dlc? Iíve not tested this.

- Lawful: You have a dialog choice to convince the lizard chief to let you take the child to his mother and resolve the situation peacefully. But there is other choice you can make to resolve the situation peacefully so this choice at the best a shortcut but have no consequence.

- Lawful:At Trolbold, you can convince Jason to bring you to Hargulka to discuss. You skip the entrance of Trollbold and thus avoid the combat but once entered there is no difference. Expect Jason is hit by Hargulka, but the rest is the same for other alignment. So, this choice is a shortcut but has no consequence.

Chapter 3: Season of Bloom

- Chaotic: A minor choice but during the interrogation to find the Lamasthu cultist in the tavern, we can pick the chaotic choice to directly find Tsanna. Nothing spectacular since at the end whatever choice you pick Tsanna reveal herself. The dialog is interesting but has no consequence.

- Lawful: Maybe the most importance lawful choice since this choice can save both Kesten and Kavken. But actually, you can still save them both even if you donít pick this choice, by going to the Wonb of Lamasthu save Kesten, going back to the capital saving Kavken and returning to the Womb of Lamasthu finishing the chapter. So, this choice seems a little useless since at the end, lawful or not you can save them both. Nevertheless, if this situation is changed, this choice is not rewarding as much than the others. Why? Because this choice prevents you to lose something and not granting you something. I understand this argument is completely subjective and could be debatable, but I feel this choice is not a great thing. Itís a good choice but not great as chaotic vassalization. Since this choice doesnít grant you a new ally or a new good situation but only keep the initial situation you have at the beginning of the chapter.

Chapter 4: The Varnhold Vanishing

- Chaotic: At the beginning of the chapter, when Jamandi tell you to investigate Varnhold, you can send her a letter tells her you are not her minion. The result is Jamandi send you a response apologizing and explaining the situation with the barbarians menacing her frontier. She sends also some supplies (on my game this was bugged, I received nothing, but it seems in a latest patch, it was fixed and you received some things.). A minor choice with minor consequence but itís still rewarding.

- Lawful: At Varnhold fort, after defeating Agai (the spriggan leader) you have a possibility to help him to take back his cave. Itís an interesting choice because this choice had a ďsecretĒ ending. Normally when you enter in area, you slaughter every enemy. If you do this at the Varngold fort, you can still propose to Agai to take back his cave and he will accept but once he takes back his gave. He is still a little upset about you, during a dialog with him, you can ask for a thank-you and he will respond something like: ďYou have kill a majority of my tribe so by giving back my cave we are even.Ē BUT if you manage to not kill any spriggan at the fort (not sure about killing no one, maybe you must kill less than X spriggan) by using invisibility the dialog at the cave is different. When you ask for a thank-you, he will thank you (even if he has a little trouble saying it). Itís something nice because if try to play differently by killing no one, the game reward you by a better situation. Regrettably, this a no other impact on the game and you will not have new apparition of Agai and his tribe. Even more, if you decide to let them go instead of helping them, the game grant you an ending slide about the situation of Agai and his spriggans. Itís a bad situation indeed, but itís considered by the game.

Chapter 5: The Twice-Born Warlord

- Lawful: The lawful choice for this chapter is linked the infamous Lander Lebeda. After killing him due to his betrayal, Jamandi ask you if you want to give back his corpse to his family in order to resurrect him. As lawful you can pick an option to demand a ransom. Maybe itís bugged but, in my game, I never saw a response by Lebeda family about this ransom but at the end, Lander is resurrected since he helps me during the final chapter without any word about this ransom. So, this choice seems to be empty without any consequence. I would even arg; majority of lawful player will not even see this choice since many of them will not choose Lebeda. Even without knowing he will betray you; he doesn't look like someone a lawful would be allied with. Kassil or even Shandra fit better for a lawful player.

- Chaotic: The chaotic choice of this chapter is amusing. During Hours of Rage, when you meet the barbarian rebels, you can convince them to organize a rebellion against Armag. This led to an enormous battle inside the camp where Ami seek his friend and when she is caught by Armag, the public encourages Amari instead of Armag. This choice had no latter consequence on the game, but this moment is pleasant, more than playing James Bond with Amari.

Chapter 6: War of the River Kings

- Chaotic: The chaotic choice is to recruit Muskoni as one of your allies. The way we incite him to turn against Irovetti is funny but in addition to be funny, itís also the best ending for the good Pitax ending. He also helps you at the final chapter. So, all of this make Muskoni a good ally and make this unique choice a good opportunity (for those who don't kill Muskoni at first).

- Lawful: With the lawful option, we can ally with the actual headmistress of Pitax Academy. Itís another option to allies with the Academy since you can have his support by allying with Annamade. Nevertheless, the ending with Atalia doesnít seem rewarding. The situation of Academy is bad, itís a dead place. Good for studying but nothing interesting in it. Once more, itís a subjective argument but this ending doesnít seem interesting.
For this chapter, I found no unique choice for chaotic or lawful. Maybe I missed them?

Chapter 7: The Cursed King/Queen

- Lawful (and other alignment): At the end, when you face the Lantern King, every alignment offers you an answer to fight him. Since they all lead to the same result, I donít take them into account.

- Chaotic and Neutral: For this choice, you must be chaotic and neutral. Because you need to vassalize Tartuk and if you are neutral, at the end when you rescue him, you can convince him to be one of your companions. If you like Tartuk, itís a good opportunity because it unlocks you a unique companion (for a very limited time, indeed).

Maybe itís just me but after this I feel like that the lawful alignment is less interesting to play as the chaotic due to the large interesting unique given by chaotic alignment. So, I would like to suggest some way to improve the situation and make the situation of lawful player more enjoyable and that their choices are more satisfying.

Give consequence to take back the cave for Agai

In my point of view, taking back the cave for Agai is maybe the most interesting lawful choice in the game due to is ďsecret endingĒ but but it's a pity there is no consequence to this. Itís even ďunfairĒ that the choice to let them go have a bigger consequence by giving a ending slide about the fate of the spriggan tribe. So, I would suggest changing this and also giving a ending slide for the spriggan if you take back their cave. I would even suggest giving different ending slide depending how the relation with Agai is.

If you have a ďbad-neutralĒ relation with Agai by killing his tribe, maybe give to the player an ending slide explain that the spriggan remain in their cave and they don't bother to annoy civilized races. But if you have a good relationship with Agai by being sneaky in the fort, maybe give to the player an ending slide where Agai and his spriggans begin to have some good interaction with the kingdom and maybe seeing Agai and some spriggans during the final chapter helping you.
Doing this could be interesting because it will reward players by doing something else than killing everything on a map.

Fate of the lizardfolk chief and his tribe

There is something strange about the lawful option when you talk with the chief in his hut. When you pick the lawful option, you said something like: ďYou are not worthy to be chief. This ĎGreat Ancestorí you trust is nothing more than a monster. You are leading your tribe to ruin. Stop letting your pride speak and help me save yours before it's too late!Ē (itís maybe not the exact text in English but I not playing in English and Iíve translated it). The chief acknowledges his mistake and allows us to resolve the situation. The problem is when we leave the hut where the evil spirit is, the chief attack us saying than we commit a crime by killing the ĎGreat Ancestorí but just before he admits it was a mistake to trust this spirit. If we take the other path to leave the hut without killing the spirit, the spirit calls the chief and he still obey. But why?

I would like to suggest making some change if you pick the lawful choice. After talking with the chief and taking the lawful response, you arrived in the evil spirit hut. At this moment, if you have a spell to detect hiding, you can detect the spirit and kill him (just like before.) but when you leave, the lizard chief thanks you and thus the child, the chief and the ďlizard-bardĒ (he is not a bard, but I donít remember his exact title or his name.). If you donít have something to detect him, you must leave the hunt to search for a help (Just like before with the bard.) and the evil spirit calls the chief BUT the chief doesnít response. Immediately, the evil spirit is angry at you because he understood that you undermined his authority over the chief and attack you and kill the children at the same time. You leave the hut, and the chief is happy, the bard is still alive, but the child is dead.
Itís interesting because if the player is not prepared, he has come ďneutralĒ ending where the lizard tribe is free from the evil spirit, the chief and the bard are alive, but the children is dead. But if the player is prepared, he has a much better ending where everyone is alive. Nevertheless, I think the actual lizardfolk ending slide need to be revamped to take this into account.

Now, if you have the good ending for the lizardfolk tribe, the tribe return to the lake but since there is more people, they must live with the ďcivilizedĒ races. This result by the lizardfolk giving up their traditions and languages to adopt those of the civilized races. But this is strange because when you propose to the bard at the end of the quest, to invite him and his tribe to live in one of their cities, he refuses. His argument is that is people will become beggars and lose theirs hearts (if I remember correctly). Expect the beggars itís exactly what happened. Thus I donít understand the decision of the new chief to return since he said him, and his tribe need to find their own way.

With the lawful choice, the ending slide could be changed. If you pick the lawful choice and invite him to live in one of your cities, he accepts. At the final chapter, he and his tribe help you. The final chapter could be something like ďUnder your command, the lizardfolk chief became more efficient and regained the respect of his tribe. He and his people integrated your society by abandoning their old tradition. Through the time, they became accepted by the rest of the population, and their population grows, but they complete forgetting their past. Only one lizardfolk told the old stories, but few cared.Ē

The new ending slide for the ďgood endingĒ could be:ĒAfter helping you against the Lantern King, theďbardĒ and his tribe travels to another land in order to find a new home. You donít have much news about them, but the last one said they settled in a faraway swamp and the tribe is and the tribe is led by the bard's songsĒ or evenďThe bard reconsider his position and decide finally to settle in the kingdom. He chooses a location in the swamp, far from the cities. The tribe is feared by the rest of the population, but they continue to live with their old tradition, without annoying anyone.Ē

I think itís all for the unique alignment choice part, but I would like also to discuss about two other things, the infamous quest ďDeal with the DevilĒ and the lawful neutral faction allies. So, take a coffee and letís go for another bunch of text!

There are many things to say about ďDeal with the DevilĒ and mostly bad things... But why I talk of this here? Because Hellknight are some of paragons of lawful alignment and the consequence of siding with them is empty. If you side with Darven, you see him at the final chapter, helping you. You even have a slide about him and his kingdom being good allies for you. If you side with Linxia, you have nothing. It could be great to also see Linxia and some Hellknight during the final chapter and having a slide on how the alliance with Order of the Rack impacts our kingdom.

The game also gives you during the game opportunities to ally with some other parts of Golarion. These parts are other kingdoms, organizations or even a deity. In general, these alliances are interesting because it makes your kingdom connected with the rest of Golarion. But before explaining why the lawfull-neutral alliance feel bad, I will present the other alliances to compare.

- Chaotic-Good: You made a pact with a caravan from Vesna who patrolling your roads. You also help some Desna followers by constructing some sanctuary. You can learn some things about this country and some information about Desna.

- Chaotic-Neutral: You made a pact with a group of Calistria assassins. Without this quest the game gives you already some information avec Calistira but this quest gives another faces of the goddess.

- Chaotic-Evil: You meet Abraxas, a demon lords and become one of itís chosen. Nothing more to say, for a chaotic-evil character meet a demon lord is something nice.

- Neutral-good: You meet Osprey, a super-hero. Yeah, Batman. Iím not sure for that, but it seems to also unlock an interaction with an andorean which want to open an Andoran bank in your kingdom. You have some interaction with another kingdom neutral-good.

- Neutral: You save some member of Pathfinder societies, and they open a lodge in your kingdom. A nice thing since you opens your kingdom to the most famous organization in Golarion.

- Neutral-Evil: You made a commercial pact with the kingdom of Irrisen, an eternal kingdom of frost. Itís interesting since you have some relation with another evil kingdom.

- Lawful-Good: You made an alliance with the crusaders of Mendev. Having an alliance with them is natural for a lawful-good kingdom. You learn some things about the Mendev and how the demon corruption can corrupt even your villagers.

- Lawful-Evil: You allied with the order of the Nail. A Hellknight order dedicated to bring civilization to wild land. An interesting occasion to allies with a Hellknight order.

And for the lawful-neutral, we meet a dwarf company demanding an authorization to mine in our land. After that we meet a group of fanatical druids who are not happy about that. The problem of this itís the mining company is completely random. This quest could be transposed to any medieval-fantasy universe, and this could work. The company is not named, the dwarf we meet seems not be a well-know figure in Golarion (maybe Iím wrong, Iíve done some research, but I find nothing.) so itís told us nothing about this universe.

I would suggest remediating this to change the company by something else while keeping the same quest design. Why not changing the company by a group of Molthune? An another lawful-neutral kingdom who demand some commercial pact. If you accept, one of their caravans is attacked and when you inspect the location of the attack you meet a group of Nirmathas (which are at war with Molthune). At this moment the attacker can explain you the situation (like the druids do) and you can decide to continue to support Molthune or not.