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    Curse of Feeble BOdy

    Some fine gentleman helped figure that I picked up the curse of Feeble body from the idol in the swamp ... On all members of the party.

    Heck if I can figure out how to remove it ... Please help

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    This probably doesn't belong in the Dev Forum, but there are remove curse potions at Oleg's. There are only 2 though, and they are really expensive. Pretty harsh to have happen at level 2 (that's when it happened to me) and 2 of my guys ended up staying cursed until level 5.

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    note to myself, do not get near whatever damned idol in a swap,

    duly noted, thanks for the heads up guys!

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    You can also buy a single scroll of break enchantment from Jhod - it cost's 1100 but you only need one for the whole party.

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    Divine casters get remove curse at some point as well.

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    Please if someone maybe knows is there the only one animation for one-handed sword till end the game? Or it's like nwn2 when you get new animate attacks per round by level up?

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