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    Cannot get quest to get Jubilost (chapter 2 possible spoilers)

    Restarted playthrough.

    I did not get quest to go save Jubilost to recruit him. I am sure I had it like almost right away the first time.

    Do you know what the trigger is for the quest?
    I already went to Lone House, skipped ahead and now I can go back to lone house to save the mage.

    Did I miss something ?

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    Immediately after you start chapter 2, Troll Trouble, both Jubilost spawns along with his caravan in A Ford Across a Skunk Tree, and Ekundayo manifests in Ruined Watchtower.

    There are no other triggers than that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by soedenone View Post
    There are no other triggers than that.
    Still no correction ? Only one trigger by treasurer ?

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