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    Irovetti Fight (Spoilers)

    What exactly are the different versions of the Irovetti fight in Pitax, and what is the chain of events that leads to them?

    The first time I played through this game and had gotten to this point, the fight started and partway through Irovetti summoned the Snake lady and I had to then fight the two of them. After beating them both I ended up with the real Briar artifact. Because of some glitches (this was long before major patches) I had to re-load an earlier save and then I did the fight the second time, the fight started as before, then part way through Irovetti summoned the Naga, but instead of fighting them both, Nyrissa showed up and made fun of Irovetti in a couple paragraphs and then he exploded into a bloody smear on the ground. Then she teleported away and I had to fight the Snake Lady. This time I didn't end up with the Briar, only the fake Briar. I was told on here that I must have failed to destroy the Occulus and therefore Nyrissa was able to see what Irovetti was up to. I thought I remembered destroying it but didn't have a save far enough back to see for sure.

    FFWD to my second playthrough. I made sure to personally destroy the Occulus and after defeating Irovetti still ended up with the second version of the fight, where Nyrissa shows up. Is there some other step or chain of events I missed?

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    I can't help you but I'm wondering: How did you "personnaly" destroy the occulus ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt View Post
    I can't help you but I'm wondering: How did you "personnaly" destroy the occulus ?
    It was one of the dialogue options.

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