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    Hi everyone. Thank you for the questions, see you on the stream.

    Quote Originally Posted by phocasbyz View Post
    libAkSoundEngine is bugged and don't work on every case
    Thank you for the detailed report. I sent this info to our programmers.

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    End of questions for stream p.4!
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    Sergey Eybog's Answers to Some of Your Questions

    I've asked Sergey to share the notes he made when preparing for the stream, and without further ado, here they are! Sorted by the person who asked the question.


    What do people in the city actually say? Does it mean anything? And who voiced them?

    Actually, they don’t say anything specific, just some random words and syllables. Anything to imitate random shouts from the crowd. The only requirement was to imitate emotions - anger, amusement, happinnes, threat.
    These voices were recorded by Alexander Filchenko, he is a voice-over director at Reanimedia (that’s a well-known Russian anime distributor). Sadly, I can’t say which actors provided their voices for the traders.

    Where can I download The Goblin Song?

    As for the Goblin Song, we have licensed it from Syrinscape. It’s a company which has been creating audio for board role-playing games for a long time. We had their permission to use the song in the game, but not for anything else. That’s why the it was not included in the official game score.
    If you want to get the song, you need to download the Syrinscape application and buy a Sound Set called Goblin Battle. It has the song. Or, you can easily find it on Youtube. :)

    Who composed which tracks?

    That’s a tough question, I don’t want to list all 62 tracks. To be short, we had six composers on this project, including Inon Zur. If you want to know which composer created a specific track, you just need to read metadata in the audio file (mp3 tags, for example), that can be done by any media player. Or you could find Pathfinder Kingmaker on the website - it lists all composers and their tracks.

    Nyrissa's theme is so good!

    I totally agree with you, it’s fantastic. Inon Zur did a great job, I’m glad we had the opportunity to have him for the key themes in our game.


    How did the new Tristian Scream in the latest 1.3 Update happen? Did you already have it or did you have to get the voice actor back to re-record?

    We had that scream recorded, but it didn’t play correclty for some reason. I just made sure it was audible.

    What's the weirdest thing about Directing voice actors? Especially since some of them were on another continent than you?

    I didn’t direct the actors personally. We collaborated with two studios in New York (3Beep and Breslin Studios), they have great voice directors, so all the praise should go to them. Though some actors worked with us directly, but I knew them well enough to trust their skill.

    How do you figure out the right sounds for different spells? Like what sound should a Lay on Hands make? or a sudden pit appearing out of nowhere?

    Some spells are easy to design, like Acid Splash or Ice Storm, you basically do what you see. Lay on Hands, on the other hand, looks pretty abstract. So the first thing I do when dealing with such spells is reading the spell description and figuring out how it works. Does it buff me, damage my enemies, protects my party? How I should feel about it? Based on this information, I look for suitable sounds which convey a specific emotion: if it’s a powerful buff, the sound may be a bit agressive and uplifting, if it is a debuff, it may sound kind of threatening or sad. I try different options until I find something which fits the visual the best.

    How do the dynamic music and sound systems that were talked about in the Kickstarter change the process of sound design? Do they make things easier? Harder? Weirder?

    Actually, they don’t change the process, they are the core of the process. These days you don’t just create single sound effects and put them into the game — you need to define first how the game should control its audio, and only then you set the rules for the sound design. And all of this is usually done within the first year of the development. So, when you have your system ready, you just use it by default.

    How did you get the ambient animal noises? Do you tape Actual Animals?

    No, we mostly used premium sound libraries. Recording animals in a good quality takes a lot of time, expensive gear, and patience, it’s a very specific task for which we didn’t have resourses.

    What decisions go into Casting the right voice Actors for the part? because Linzi is an absolute gem.

    Okay, I’ll try to describe the whole process. First, I ask the writer responsible for the character to provide me its description: how it looks and behaves, how it is related to the story. We need to know its age, race and class. Also, I request several sample lines for the auditions, these lines should containt something very typical for a character to show his most prominent qualities.

    After that, I ask our creative director (Alexanded Mishulin) to look for references for this character. It may be a famous actor or a hero from a book — something that could help us to narrow the search.

    Of course, we also need the actual portrait of the character. Sometimes we have it, sometimes not, because we usually start Casting at early stages of the development. When I have all I need, I send all this information to the voice-over director. He invites the actors and records the auditions. We usually receive a selection of 5-6 different recordings to choose from. If we feel that we the right actor - that’s great, the job is almost done. But sometimes we may like the actor’s voice, though the performance is still not quite right. In that case, we request a new demo from this actor and describe what could be improved to be closer to our vision.

    As for Linzi, the story was a bit different. She was played by Lindsay Sheppard, I had worked with her previously on different projects, so I personally invited her for the role because I knew she could handle it well. And she did a really great job. :)

    What was the funniest part of the production process for you?

    Numerous bugs. They were painful to fix, of course, but they made me laugh so many times. i even recorded videos of some of them and added suitable music (like Yakety Sax for the Benny Hill Show).

    Who voiced the Trolls? Did you go online to hunt actual trolls?

    The trolls were voiced by Leonid Tolocheko, our level designer who was on the last stream - didn’t he brag about this? Leonid has a very deep and convincing voice, so I decided to ask him to roar a bit in the studio and the results were great. I just pitched it down and added some animal grunts.

    How do you figure out what weird fantasy creatures like Owlbears should sound like?

    I’m not very proud of Owlbears, I used bear roars and my own voice trying to hoot as an Owl for them. They deserve better treatment.

    In general, when I work on a fantasy creature, I analyze its properties first and think about how it could emit sounds, and then I decide which emotions it should evoke in the player. I also read the official description of that creature in the rulebook, it usually contains details which can be useful.

    After that, I search for the right base material for the creature’s voice: it can be a recording of an actual animal or bird, it can be an actor, a recording of various objects (like a creaking door or a musical instrument). You can manipulate it into something different or add some other sounds which should be right for the creature. The main rule is that its voice should be unique and emotional, and all methods are good for reaching this goal.

    What's your favorite moment from Table-top Tuesdays?

    I’m playing a Human Sorcerer who has the Verdant Bloodline, he can create a 15 foot long vine for one round. I find it pretty amusing to trip enemies and steal their weapon with it when it’s possible.


    What bands / singers you like most / listen most nowadays?

    I listen to pretty different music, but my main music playlist mostly consists of electronic bands and movie soundtracks. I don’t want to list them all, so here are just a few names: Solar Fields, Orbital, Plaid, Diana Krall, Cecile Corbel, Enya, Joe Hisaishi, Yasunori Mitsuda, Thomas Newman.

    In computers and games, what composer (if you remember names) or game soundtract you like most?

    A tough question, there’s a lot of great soundracks. But Yasunori Mitsuda has a special place in my heart, his music for Chrono Cross convinced me to start working in the game industry.

    In your own work, what track / song have special place for your heart, is there story behind it and do you want to share it for us?

    I can’t highlight just one track, they all are special to me. To be frank, I don’t really like talking about my music, I create it because of my personal need and not to prove something.

    Is there certain genre in music you love?

    Not really, I can appreciate music of different genres. Lately I’ve been digging psybient, because it is somewhere between music and sound design.

    Is there certain genre in music you hate?

    There are genres that I don’t understand, but I don’t hate them, each genre has its audience. Nobody forces me to listen to something I don’t want to.

    How did you end up doing what you do (in your living)? I mean did you allways even as a kid want to compose music, become great singer, create a "best band ever" or just were up with group of other kids and decide to make a computer game and you "had to make" music for it or? :)

    Long story short, I never thought about having a career in music. I was supposed to become a teacher of Russian literature and language, but when I got my first IBM PC computer, I discovered a music software called Scream Tracker where you could take wave files and use them as instruments on up to four channels. I started creating simple techno and house music tracks, the process was fun, I enjoyed it so much that I often skipped the lessons in my unversity because of working on a new track. When I decided to share some of these tracks on the Internet, I joined a large commuinity dedicated to tracker music where I could receive advice and participate in contests. That gave me a lot of motivation, and evenutally I thought that I should at least try to start earning my living with music.

    So, when I graduated from the university, I posted some of my tracks in a Yahoo group for game developers and got my first contract. The game was called “Crystal Path”, it was developed by a small indie studio. They loved what I did for them, and I became their main music composer for several years. That’s how I began working in game audio.

    Is there time period you loved (speaking in music) and when did it end? (I have a saying that back in 80's and 90's music were great, then came hiphop, tecno, rap and other stuff I do not care so much...)

    Well, 80’s were great for sure, but I don’t really prefer one period over another. Each decade had something good, and you can find really great singers and performers even now if you spend enough time to explore the Internet for new music.

    What kind of music system you have in your home? (for example I have Denon AVR-X500 + 5.1 which I use for TV, computer and PS3. When I listen music, watch movies/series or play games. Unless I have to use headphones).

    I have a simple stereo setup: an external audio card from Roland, a pair of Yamaha HS7 speakers and Sennheiser HD650 headphones.

    If you had to pick one movie/serie soundtrack for recommend / listen for a week (nothing else) what would that be? Allso why (is there like one "THE" best song ever or are all songs great in that album?). I would most likely pick soundtrack from movie "Top Gun".

    I would suggest listening to the music from “Dead Man” by Jim Jarmush. It consists of seven spacey instrumental tracks which are improvisation on an electric guitar with a lot of delay and reverberation. I believe you will be able to endure it for a week. :)

    Then one bit of random question: if you had to pick and use one (only one) dice for your table top tuesday game session what kind of it would be? A plain d6? Maybe d100? Would you prefer to take d20 or? :)

    I’d pick d20 for my initiative and save rolls. That should be enough.

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    New DevStream Today!

    Heyo, peeps! Dev streams are coming back - and with a twist! Join us Today, at 7:30 PM CEST/1:30 PM EDT (US). Hint: you might see something really, really special

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    Yeah, right, I just edited the top post and the thread name. Whoops!

    You've asked a lot of questions about our next DLC. What's the endless dungeon gonna be like? What do you mean by "random"? Will we be able to store all our unused scrolls there?
    Instead of answering any of these (pah, who needs that?), we've decided to show it to you! Join us for an Endless Dungeon run, where you can help us build and develop our characters. Oh, and there's going to be 2 of us - me and good ol' @Mortheim from the streams of "Varnhold's Lot". What can go right?
    We will be live at 7:30 PM CEST/1:30 PM EDT (US).

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